In the current market, smartwatches are really selling in great numbers. With a ton of brands available in the maker which provide a wide variety of smartwatches at different price segments, people really have a plethora of options to choose from.

The new year has really announced some of the top tech products and a great update in the current ones too. There are some rumours regarding some new updates with some of the best smartwatches out there. Though there are just possibilities that those new features might come to the smart wearables, nothing is confirmed so far.

There are expectations that some of the features might be related to work from home situations as a lot of people are still working from their home itself and are not planning to go back to the office very soon.

There are some of the models which we think are very useful for those working from home and it would be great if those features are added in the smartwatches.

  1. Pomodoro Technique- It is a cool model where you are asked to work for sometime and then you are provided a break to enjoy for some time. These kinds of breaks are provided because it’s not easy to concentrate on work by staying at home for too long. If you were in office there would have been no distractions and the working environment would keep you concentrated. But at home, it’s not possible and after every few minutes and hours, one might get distracted. The Pomodoro model will help them in doing their work better.
  2. Blood Sugar Tracking- Another feature which is most likely to come in the smartwatches is an option to track blood sugar levels of the user. it would be a really great feature for those who are suffering from diabetes as it will keep checking blood sugar levels of the user to make sure that it is in control. For those who are working from home, it’s not easy to have a control on diet as whenever there is something made in the kitchen, you will get to eat it. So, one has to take care of their blood sugar level too.

These are the ones that we are expecting to come with new watches. Is there anything that you want to be added in the upcoming smart wearables?


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