Sky Wizards Academy Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled in 2022?

Even after 5 years, some of the die-hard fans of the anime show Sky Wizards Academy are still in hope of watching a season 2. While for 7 years no buzz about the show was afloat, very recently something has come up. What has come up exactly? Is it good or bad? Find that out here by reading on. 

Is Sky Wizards Academy season 2 happening?

Well, the buzz that has recently come up is not good at all. As per the buzz, the second season of the show, for now, seems to be headed for cancellation. It is being reported that no studio is taking up the show for a second season after a disastrous season 1. The IMDb rating of just 6.6 out of 10 kinds of speaks for the claim that season 1 was disastrous. If soon no studio takes up the show for a season 2, it could get canceled altogether. If you are a die-hard fan of the show then this news could be very saddening to you. Well, if you are really interested to get more content on Sky Wizards Academy then check out the light novel and manga series of the same. The details about the same are provided below. 

Sky Wizards Academy – The light novel and manga series

So, the light novel series was started by Yu Moroboshi in the year 2013. He was the main writer of the first light novel. The illustrations for the first novel was done by Mikihiro Amami with Fujimi Shobo publishers publishing it. The first novel came out on 20th July 2013. After this, 13 more volumes of the light novel were released till 20th July 2017. The stories for the volumes were all written by Yu with Mikihiro doing the illustrations. 

Coming to the manga series, was developed parallelly by Arisu Shido in 2014. Media Factory publishers brought the first manga on 26th July 2014 to the Monthly Comic Alive magazine. The Magna published 3 more volumes till 27th July 2016. The main characters for both the light novels and manga were the same. The main character list follows along with the premise of the entire series. 

Main characters and premise of Sky Wizards Academy

The main characters of the light novel and manga are the same and the core story is the same. The characters are Kanata Age, Misora Whitale, Lecty Eisenach, Rico Flamel, Freon Flamel, Lloyd Alwin, Chloe Sevegny and Yuri Flostre. These characters are there in both the light novels and manga. 

The premise for both the light novels and manga is that when threatened by armored insects with magical powers, humans are forced to leave the surface of the earth to survive. Soon, humans develop floating cities and start to live in them only. 

So, till the anime season, 2 of Sky Wizards Academy even becomes a thing, reading light novels and manga seems to be the only viable option. Well, as it is said something is better than nothing. 

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