Once I got him sliding in my message I’ll be saying, who me?

Queen of the game, Call me out by my name

I’ll be saying, who me?

Are you singing this song in your mind while reading these lyrics?

Then, you are a true fan of Sissy Sheridan!

This adorable girl has won many hearts, and you won’t believe it if we tell you that she began her career at a very young age.

She indeed is one of the finest rising stars in Hollywood!

Aside from this, she is also praised and recognized for her brilliant acting prowess.

We wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes one of the biggest stars in Hollywood in the future because things are getting way better for her while she is climbing the ladder of success.

So, stop whatever you are doing and hop on this train to know more about this new acting sensation of Hollywood!

From her acting to her songs, here you will find everything about this upcoming star. 

So let’s get moving!

Wondering, “How old is Sissy Sheridan?

Well, born in Washington DC, United States, on June 15, 2004, Sissy is 16 years old.

Now, you may want to know about her height and weight, right?

Then, find it out in the next sub-topic!

Sissy Sheridan’s Physical Appearance

Sissy Sheridan is a young, cute, and pretty girl. Her personality is very charming, and she looks beautiful in anything she wears due to her hourglass slim body type.

Want to know how tall is Sissy Sheridan?

The Tik Tok star is 5 feet and 3 inches in height, and her weight is around 57 kg. 

If you have seen her close-up pictures, you might have noticed that she has brown hair and green-colored eyes.

Are you thinking about, what is Sissy Sheridan’s net worth and earnings?

Then, know about it in the next section!

Sissy Sheridan Net Worth

Sissy’s popularity skyrocketed all of a sudden, and in such a short period, she has gained a lot of fans from all over the world.

Her career is fresh so, we cannot tell the exact net worth, but as per her fame and progress she has made, she might gain a lot of wealth in the future.

As of now, her net worth is $500,000, which is a big thing for her age. She makes her earnings from her career as a social media star, acting, and dancing.

Some sources also reveal that for her Netflix series, she earns between $3000 and $10,000 for every episode.

Sissy Sheridan Career

Ever since this Tik Tok Star was a kid, she was interested and fascinated in singing and acting.

When she was six, she realized her love for acting and started auditioning for acting roles. At that time, she was attending a musical theatre camp. 

After she ventured into acting, G. Gardener Talent Management started managing her. She was still a school-going kid, so her mother enrolled her at Langley High School.

However, she was unable to visit her classes due to traveling for acting, so she decided to attend the online learning school named Laurel Springs School.

Sissy’s first theatre appearance was in 2017

In 2017, Sissy appeared in theatre in an off-Broadway production of Ann Warbucks. Later, she also made another appearance in the Olney Theater Centre production as an Actor’s Equity Association. 

Recently, she also secured a steady role of a character named Asia in Netflix’s drama miniseries called Maniac. And that was her breakthrough, and many viewers started to know about this new actress.

She also became a part of the hit web series called Chicken Girls, and also hosted the Nickelodeon web series DIY with me. She has also appeared in short films called Paper Airplanes and For My Plan.

Before her breakthrough, she performed in various regional theaters and portrayed several roles in several series.

Sissy Undoubtedly Is A Great Singer!

After Sissy appeared on Chicken Girls, she realized that most of the kids posted their original songs and covers with music videos. So she decided to do that as well and did her very first cover along with her friends for Hailee Steinfeld’s Most Girls.

Such a talented kid, no?

But that did not stop there! In December 2019, her song received a great response from netizens.

And guess what?

Her first music cover video was viewed more than 244,000 times and still counting! After that, she came to the limelight, and many started praising her for her singing talent.

After seeing such an amazing response from her beloved audience, she felt motivated and decided to create her first original song called Who Me.

The song has received over 237k views since she uploaded it on her official YouTube channel on February 8, 2020.

If you first saw her on Tik Tok, then you might already know she is talented! And she has already amassed 5.3m followers on that app. Aside from this, she also has over 1m followers on Instagram alone.

Now, that is what we call some awesome achievement for her young age.

Dancing Is A Part Of Sissy’s Happiness!

You might be thinking, what else she is good at apart from acting and singing?

What if we tell you that she loves to dance as well?

Yes, you read it right! She is also a fabulously trained dancer in jazz, ballet, and tap.

Woah! We have got an all-rounder here!

Feeling proud to be her fan of such a talented kid?

We know that you are!

Now, let’s check out the list of Sissy Sheridan shows and films in the chart below:

Film/series NameRoleYear
Raven’s HomeLayla2020
Odd Man RushClaire2020
Who Me (Song)Sissy2020
Most Girls (Song)Sissy2019
Something Better2019
The CatcherSabrina2019
DIY with MeSelf – Host / Sissy2018
ManiacAsia / Milgrim Kid2018
For HopeHope2018
Chicken GirlsAngie2018
People Magazine InvestigatesAshley Pond2018
Unbreakable Kimmy SchmidtTheater Kid2018
Homeless BoundCharlotte2018
Mozart in the JungleHailey’s Music Classmate2018
For My ManRebeca J. Rose2018
Copycat KillersKatie Edwards2018
Paper AirplanesSam2016

Personal life

Sissy has not opened up about her father and mother, but we know that she is very close to her older brother named Julian Sheridan.

She is a well-behaved girl, and that reflects on how good she was when she was a kid. She spent her childhood with her parents and grew up with a lot of care and love.

Her family did everything for her to make her what she is now. In a nutshell, her childhood played a pivotal role to shape her into a good human being and achieving her dreams.

She is the girl crush of many female celebs and her fans, and who wouldn’t be? We mean, just look at her! She is damn pretty!

Now, you must be wondering, such a pretty girl may have a special someone in her life, right?

So let’s find out who she is dating in the next section!

Sissy Sheridan’s Dating Life

Every celeb is in a lovey-dovey relationship, and the Who Me singer is dating someone too!

Who is the lucky person?

Currently, she is dating a social media star named Milesdespair. Fans love how they post pictures together and express their love for each other.

We don’t know if their relationship will last long or not, but we do know that they are enjoying their time together!

Final Thoughts

First, she killed everybody with her acting skills, then nailed every word with her singing, and finally blew us up with her amazing dancing skills! We don’t know what she has got in her kitty to surprise her fans. As of now, she is more active on her Instagram and YouTube so, you can stay connected with her there!

We will be back with more articles like these, so stay tuned!

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