‘Single All the Way’ Movie Review: Netflix’s LGBT Romantic Comedy Has A Good Heart, But…

In Single All the Way , Peter (Michael Urie), a plant-obsessed man, has been heartbroken numerous times in his life. When he eventually chooses to bring Tim home, he discovers that he is married and has children. When they visit Peter’s family for the holidays, Nick (Philemon Chambers), Nick’s gay roommate, pretends to be Peter’s boyfriend. He had been heartbroken again.

When Peter and Nick visit New Hampshire, the entire family welcomes them with open arms. Carole (Kathy Najimy), Peter’s mother, decides to play matchmaker and arranges for Peter to go on a blind date with Jame. Before he exposes Nick as his phony boyfriend (Luke Macfarlane).

Nick and Peter are the only two who are unaware that they are intended to be together. Onscreen chemistry might have needed some work, but because it’s clear from the start. These two are meant to be together, we try to pick up on what they’re up to.

: Netflix's homosexual rom-com has the right heart.Michael Mayer's Canadian film All the Way is a delight to watch ..
: Netflix’s homosexual rom-com has the right heart.Michael Mayer’s Canadian film All the Way is a delight to watch ..

Peter Finally Accepts The Truth

The fact that Peter ‘needs’ James to convince him that he loves Nick complicates Nick and Nick’s relationship. The rest of the film deals with Peter’s coming to terms with the truth after he ultimately accepts it.

Aunt Sandy, played by Jennifer Coolidge in The White Lotus, makes a hilarious cameo, and the sequences in which she tries to direct a play are hilarious. A few Schitt’s Creek performers, most notably Steve Lund and Jennifer Robertson, appear in the film’s cast.

Single All the Way is an uplifting romantic comedy that shows a story of love between two people in a small town, with the rest of the family actively involved. Although this film has a happy ending, there is space for improvement in terms of character development and a deeper sense of the festive season.

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