25TH August will mark the 20th death anniversary of late pop singer Aaliyah. At that time it was believed to be a fatal plane crash that killed her which was very unfortunate. Now evidence has surfaced that maybe Aaliyah was forced aboard that plane.

Let’s find out what really happened.


Back in 2001, Aaliyah and her team were supposed to travel from Abaco Island to Miami. The plane that they had chartered was an hour late. It is believed that Aaliyah was so furious that she forced the whole crew to board the plane and unfortunately minutes after takeoff, the plane crashed.

For almost 20years everyone blamed Aaliyah for the crash. Now new evidence is surfacing that suggests otherwise.

Source: thedailybeast.com


The new evidence has surfaced, thanks to journalist Kathy Iandoli. She was always puzzled about the crash. She started writing a book and while writing the book she talked to a man named Kingsley Russell. He was a taxi driver who drove Aaliyah to Abaco Island that day. He has said that Aaliyah did not want to board the plane in the first place.

He remembers that Aaliyah complained that the plane was too small for her crew and luggage. He says that he remembers that one of the crew members gave Aaliyah a pill. After taking the pill Aaliyah fell asleep.

 From his account, it is clear that Aaliyah was taken aboard against will. In a way, her crew murdered her, and eventually, all of them died too as the plane went overweight. The investigation also suggested that the weight on the plane was not evenly distributed, which supposedly made the plane difficult to control and lead to the plane crash.

Russell has also claimed that the plane’s pilot had warned the crew that the plane was overweight.

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