Shock passion for Keegan and Dotty

EastEnders are in turmoil as someone is about to get cheated on and she is none other than our perfectionist Tiffany. It is hinted that Keegan Butcher-Baker will cheat on his wife next week.

BBC One viewers are about to see Tiffany Butcher (played by Maisie Smith) obsessively check her face in the mirror following some cosmetic procedures. On the other hand, her husband Keegan speaks to Vinny about Dotty and then confronts her about the way she has been treating him. After this Keegan rushes to hospital when he gets to know about his sister Bernie (played by Clair Norris) collapses. Gray Atkins (Toby-Alexander Smith) has already called an ambulance to take Bernie to the hospital. When Bernie is asked about the medications she is taking, she forcefully admits that she is on diet pills in an attempt to lose weight. Upon hearing this, Keegan is even more shocked when he finds out Tiff is the one who is supplying her the pill and later, when he sees his wife, he is furious. His wife, Tiffany on the other hand is more concerned about the infection which she got from recent face fillers and how it is getting worse, but Keegan fails to listen. Although Tiffany has vowed to pay back the money which she’s racked up on credit cards, it left Keegan at a loss as to how to support her.

Keegan stops by at the club to collect his wages and there he met Dotty who is drowning in sorrow about her behavior towards Vinny. She is drunk and offers a drink to Keegan as well which he accepts after a long hard day. At home, Tiff is feeling even worse and calls Keegan but he ignores the call as back at the club things heat up with Dotty.

With his marriage on the rocks, will Keegan enjoy Dotty’s comfort and support a little more than just friends?

The actress who plays Dotty spoke about her character’s recent storyline. She explains about her situation with Keegan: “She’s drunk, Keegan’s drunk, it’s late at night,” Milly said. “They’re both going through their own individual things, he’s got stuff going on with Tiff, Dotty has stuff with Vinny.

“When he walks into the office, she thinks I can have fun with this guy.

“Dotty loves teasing people, she loves winding people up and getting under people’s skin. I think he walked in and she sees it as an opportunity to do that,” she continued. “I don’t think she instantly thinks she fancies him.

“It’s also been bubbling up with Dotty and Keegan for a while because they’ve had quite a lot of tension, he keeps getting at her about Vinny and she keeps getting at him about Tiff. The way that Dotty and Keegan communicate is to have a little row and an argument, it’s their banter,” Milly commented.   


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