Shawn Simmons’ Wayne got a second chance to change its impression

Let us tell you the story about an American dark comedy series called Wayne. No, let us tell you about a guy named Wayne in this series. His kick-ass comedy story started on YouTube. There was a time when this streaming site’s premium service acquired this show. Those who were fans of Cobra kai and The Karate Kid or YouTube creators like MatPat might still love this show.

Created by Shawn Simmons, the first season consisted of 10 episodes, and it debuted in January 2019 on YouTube Premium. A 16 years old Wayne (played by Mark McKenna) turns into a vigilante after the death of his father. Instead of turning into a depressed kid, the 16 years old go out to right the wrongs. Before setting out to turn things up, he meets Del (Ciara Bravo), who is the only person who can handle damaged and awkward people like Wayne.

The viewers loved the pair of teens and their journey while trying to avoid the cops, Del’s father (Dean Winters) and brothers, and other people. The series tells a twisted tale, a burst of huge laughter, and maniacal action. In short, this series is worth taking a chance on and a binge-worthy story. Unfortunately, this series got canceled in August 2019 by the streaming service. It happened after Wayne received a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Wayne has got a second chance on a new streaming service

The cancellation of the series was a shock for the Wayne fans. Later on, on November 6, 2020, the show arrived on Amazon Prime. After the show got a second chance on a larger platform, some viewers gave it a shot. And currently, the series has received a five-star rating on the site. And it feels like the series has big plans for the new season. 

After watching the first season, Simmons, Reese, Bravo, as well as, McKenna became favorite characters. From the biggest laugh scenes to fight scenes, some viewers also watched the show and realized how Wayne was underrepresented to the world. So is this series worth watching?

Well, to be honest, the series is funny and fitting, and if it has got a second chance from Amazon Prime, then it means it is something that few viewers missed watching on YouTube.

Yes, the previous parent streaming platform was great, but Wayne did not make it there. And now it has got an opportunity to be a part of a big streaming service, which has a greater audience. So viewers must watch it. It is completely watchable and enjoyable for every age group.

Final Words

The creators might renew the series for a new season, so you must watch it now on Amazon Prime before a new season arrives. You can also stream the pilot episode of the show on YouTube. Even McKenna is hoping for a season 2 on Wayne. And all the actors have really worked hard in this series. So give it a try.

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