Shakira Experiences Harassment, After Breaking up with Gerard Pique. Stalker Writes, ‘I Am Ready To Marry You’!

The Colombian pop star Shakira Isabel recently broke up with her long term boyfriend Gerard Pique who’s a well known footballer. She called it quit after being together for 11 years and sharing two sons, Milan which is of 9 and Sasha which is of 7.

The couple whose name is in the “World’s most powerful couples” list, has now suddenly ended their relationship. And all the Waka Waka fans didn’t like her decision as she experiences harassment and various idiotic letters from her stalkers.

As per the news, harassing letters are being sent to her hometown in Barcelona which terrifies her as well as her family. Recently she got a letter on 20th June, in which one of her fan was begging her to marry him or her. The letter stated “I love you, beautiful woman. I’m coming for you, my love. I am ready to marry you right now”

Shakira and her brother Tonino Mebarak has also reported to police about all these letters from cheap stalkers and ask them for help. As per her brother’s statement, the stalkers was not only threatening Shakira but also keeps an eye at her Barcelona’s house. While filling complaint, he also stated that he saw few suspicious men hanging outside his house.

Both the singer and her family is extremely terrified as the haters are constantly watching them, and if the situation will not be controlled in few days, then she might leave Barcelona.  

Let’s dig deeper!

As they filed a complaint, so Police officials are doing every possible thing to protect the Colombian singer and her family. They are keeping an eye on both her home and her personal security.

Officially the couple shared the news of separation on 4th of June this year and passed a joint statement in which they demanded some privacy for themselves and the well being of their children. They also thanked for giving them so much love and understanding their situation.

Where did they meet? 

The 45 years old singer was filming the music video for Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) in 2010 and there she met the hot and fit 35 years old Spanish football player. It featured as the theme song of 2010 FIFA World Cup where Gerard Pique was also playing.

After dating few months, in 2011 the couple made their relationship public and started living together happily and gave birth to two sons.

Why are they separating?

Honestly, no official reason about their breakup came into light, but there must be some solid reason as no one loves to end any relationship after so many years. From one of our sources we heard that, Shakira was fed up from his uncountable parties and that’s why she’s leaving him, whereas some says that Gerard Pique had was caught red handed with another woman.

Share your views about their breakup and stay in touch to know more entertaining updates.

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