Sex Education Season 3 – Will Otis finally end up with Maeve this season?

Otis (Asa Butterfield) and Maeve’s (Emma Mackey) relationship is hinted at in the last Sex Education season 3 teaser. The streaming company is stepping up its marketing efforts for the British coming-of-age series with less than two weeks till fresh episodes launch. For the first time ever, Netflix has unveiled a new teaser for its award-winning series’ third and final season.

“Sex Education” covers the lives of students and teachers at Moordale Secondary School, which premieres in 2019. In season 1, Otis, the socially awkward son of sex therapist Jean Milburn (Gillian Anderson), starts a sex therapy company at school with his pals Maeve and Eric (Ncuti Gatwa). Soon, the series became one of Netflix’s most popular shows, and the second season will appear in 2020. Now that season 3 is almost here, dedicated fans of the program are anxious to see what happens to the characters following season 2’s shocking conclusion.

Finaly, Netflix’s official YouTube account released the official trailer for Sex Education season 3, which is jam-packed with fresh material from the future episodes. Connor Swindells and Eric’s (Connor Swindells) relationship progresses in the clip, and there appears to be a spate of changes at Moordale after the arrival of Headmistress Hope Haddon (Jemima Kirke). It’s likely that viewers will be most intrigued by the few glances the trailer offers of Otis and Maeve that hint to the season 2 finale’s aftermath.

Otis confessed his true emotions for Maeve in a voicemail message he left for her at the end of Sex Education season 2, after holding a hidden crush on her for two seasons. In a cruel twist of fate, Isaac (George Robinson) her new neighbor deleted the note before she had a chance to look. Otis appears to be attempting to convince himself that he no longer cares for Maeve as the new semester begins, so it’s unlikely that the matter will be handled straight immediately. It’s likely he thinks she understands his sentiments and doesn’t want to discuss them, so he assumes she doesn’t reciprocate.

Viewers already know that it isn’t true. The Netflix series might eventually bring them together in its third season. Otis and Maeve’s relationship needs a major makeover after two seasons of “will they, won’t they” tropes.

As entertaining as it was to see the friends manage their sentiments towards one another, it looks that their tolerance is wearing thin at this point. The relationship between Otis and Maeve is now considered by some to be the least fascinating one on The Simpsons. This may all change in season 3, as it appears that the characters’ long-teased relationship is going to be revealed.


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