“Sex and the City” reboot will work without Kim Cattrall too: Candace Bushnell

Season 2 of “Sex and the city” has been recently announced. And we have revealed the list of casts to you already. But there was it was also revealed that Kim Cattrall is not going to refresh her role this time.

The fans were disappointed after hearing the news but the author of “SATC” recently said something that gave a sigh of relief to audience.

What did the author say?

Candace Bushnell in an interview with a renowned magazine media said that, “Yes. Kim will not be seen in reboot this time. But there is nothing to worry about. It will just go smooth and well without her too.”

“Kim was the perfect choice for Samantha. She is 64 now and there can be solid reasons with her for not playing further role in the series. I respect her and always will for having brain of her own”, author said.

Role of Kim Cattrall in “SATC”:

 Kim was seen in 6 seasons of this blockbuster series and the HBO television show with same name playing the role of Samantha. in short, we can say that “Horrible Histories” actress was seen in movie and its adaptation both.

Reaction of fans:

Fans are not able to digest the facts that “SATC” is going to work without Kim Cattrall this time. While seeing the series, they are used to of seeing lovely and chirpy role of Samantha.

It is also heard that Samantha will be back not in the form of Kim Cattrall but in form of different Hollywood actress.

Is there any thrift?

Kim Cattrall was having a public fight with her co-actor Sarah Jessica Parker. After that incident, Kim announced that she is not going to take appear in upcoming series and adaptions of “Sex and the City”.

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Final words:

Character of Samantha in form of Kim Cattrall is always going to be an inspiration for all. Means imagine, discovering different type of sexuality in the form of different character is not easy at all for everyone.

But it is also sure that pivotal character of Samantha will not be left idle. The gap will be filled pretty soon by award winning actors and writers.

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