2021 has been given a kick start holding a lot of expectations after facing roller coaster ride of 2020.

Being icing on the cake, HBO Max has decided to bless the audience by dropping some blockbusters. One of those is “Sex and the City” which is going to refresh itself.

Yes! You heard it right. It is going to get released pretty soon. Here we are filling the space with updates related to upcoming series, its dropping date, story, and characters.

Who will be seen in series?

  • Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw
  • Kristin Davis as Charlotte York
  • Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes

The three eminent actresses are going to refresh their roles in 10-episode series (each one of being 30 minutes). But here is a sad news. Kim Cattrall will not be seen refreshing her role in the series.

What is the reason?                                   

“I played the character of Samantha Jones for pretty long time and it was very heartful decision for me to leave this character. I want them to replace me with another actress but they are not doing this.”

From where series has been adapted?

The storyline of whole series “Sex and the City” is derived from

  • The novel of writer named Candice Bushnell.
  • Television series directed by Darren Starr.

Is any snippet or something there?

All the three female actors of the series have shared a short clip-on twitter. Link is below.

What story is knitted by series?

Series knits the story of four women in their 30s creating balance in their love life, professional life, sex life, and friendship. And even in their 50s.

Carrie Bradshaw, author by profession, who was into the roller coaster ride seeming relationship with “Mr. B”. She was trying to create balance in her love life and career.

Charlotte York, an employee in a small art gallery, running home solely. She moves on and marries Harry Goldenblatt.

Cynthia Nixon, a budding feminist lawyer, who got hitched with her long-time boyfriend Steve and gets settled.

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