Actor Pauly Shore is planning to make the sequel of a movie from 1992 named ‘The Man From California’. It has been almost 30 years since the movie had appeared at the box office. So, there is a possibility that the viewers may get the chance to see the sequel which will probably arrive with its original protagonists.

The movie originally termed as ‘Encino Man’ is directed by Les Mayfield. The cast of the movie was Sean Astin, Brendan Fraser, and Paul Shore himself. 

Paul shared an Instagram post asking the fans for the sequel of the movie with an image of him with Astin and Fraser. He has asked if they remember ‘Encino Man’ from 1992.

Here you will find the post,

‘Encino Man’ was a hit of that time. The movie raised a total of 40 million dollars as compared to the budget which was just 7.5 million dollars. 

What is the plot of the original movie?

The movie is originally titled ‘Encino Man’. The story works on a funny teen comedy that resembles two young people who find a Neanderthal. He was trapped in an ice glacier for thousands of years. 

At first, both think of gaining popularity from him but as the ice melts a life takes birth un him and humanity in them. Then the funny story begins. The story moves on with how they hide the truth of him from the outer world.

They teach him how to behave as a human. They try to make him normal in very funny and crazy ways that make you laugh for sure. With that, they have the responsibility of hiding him from the world till he learns to live in the modern world in which he has woken up.

Then comes disaster management. Both young lads try to pass him up as an eccentric foreign exchange student who has been named Link. Many of you must be thinking ABOUT what is the point of making a sequel after 30 years. Does the last movie end with a cliffhanger? Well, let me take you out of the dilemma. You must have little idea about how the last story ended. Let me give you a link. The story ended with the arrival of Link’s Neanderthal couple who resemble the same as Link and also thaws. It simply means they are a lot of secrets to be revealed and so many stories to tell. 


 It is often seen that the sequel doesn’t perform well as the original piece. Will Paul break this streak? Well, it is not officially announced that the sequel will surely arrive. But the planning has started. 

Let’s wait for the official announcement. We will deliver the latest updates to you.


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