Season 2 of “Tell Me Your Secret” will be out soon

In February, Amazon capitalised on the recent trend of twisty thriller TV dramas with a new show called “Tell Me Your Secret,” which featured limited series such as Sharp Objects, “The Undoing,” and “The Sinner.”

We had three characters with very dark lives in the first season of Tell Me Your Secrets, which was composed and written by Harriet Warner (“The Alienist,” “The Midwife”). One was a woman in Witness Protection who discovered he couldn’t escape the horrors of her previous life and was forced to start over in a new city.

The mother’s other character was her daughter, who had been missing and presumed dead for years, prompting a desperate, conclusive search. 

The third character was a serial predator hired to do someone else’s dirty work while attempting to avoid the reappearance of his old urges. For viewers of the first ten episodes of “Tell Me Your Secrets,” Warner’s complicated and gripping story, which indicates that the very positive rates of Rotten Tomatoes audience, have left more to be destroyed by way of credit at the end of the season.

Release date 

We don’t know when “Tell Me Your Secrets” season 2 will premiere because it hasn’t been refurbished and no release date has been set. If Amazon decides to renovate ‘Tell Me Your Secrets’ before the end of 2021, the new season could begin in 2023.

The buffer lasts a year because it takes time to cast, write, record, and edit a new season for streaming. The early 2023 release date for “Tell Me Your Secrets” could be beneficial because the release date of season 2 could coincide with the release date of season 1.


One thing is certain: all three of the Season 1 guidelines will be reinstated in Season 2. Tell me about your secrets. Despite the life-or-death twists and turns of Season 1, Lily Rabe, Amy Brenneman, and Hamish Linklater are still alive at the end of “Tell Me Your Secrets.” As a result, Season 2 focuses on the ongoing adventures of each main character.

Season 1 introduces us to Emma Hall (Rabe), a young woman who has been released from prison and placed in Witness Protection and is looking for her place in the world.

What would be “Tell me your secrets season 2” plot

The final moments of season 1 “Tell Me Your Secrets” were an exciting stage for season 2, and we can only hope that Amazon will renew it. Emma will face a slew of enemies in the second season, “The Dead Come Back,” which follows Season 1. The most shocking revelation of Season 1 was that Emma remembers knowing Mary’s daughter, Theresa, as kit, Emma’s ex. Emma recalls Theresa’s jealousy attack as well.


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