As Scarlett Johansson files a lawsuit against Disney, the silence of Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, and Chris Evans says a lot.

Scarlett Johansson, the star of Black Widow, recently sued Marvel Studios’ parent company Disney for using the simultaneous release model. She claims that the film’s box office performance suffered as a result of its simultaneous release on Disney+. According to the Wall Street Journal, Johansson could have lost $50 million in bonuses as a result of the film’s streaming release.

Disney has responded by calling the lawsuit “without merit.” The statement also stated that “the lawsuit is especially sad and distressing because it demonstrates a callous disregard for the pandemic’s horrific and prolonged global effects.”

It’s odd that no Marvel actor has come to Johansson’s defense. Kevin Feige, CEO of Marvel Studios, has remained silent despite being “angry and embarrassed.”

A similar situation occurred when Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt was falsely accused of attending a church known for its homophobia and hatred of the LGBTQ community.

Actor Elliot Page stated on Twitter that Pratt should respond to the allegations leveled against Hillsong. “If you’re a famous actor and you’re a member of an organization that despises a specific group of people, don’t be surprised if people wonder why it’s not addressed,” he explained later. It is incorrect to consider oneself to be anti-LGBTQ. Extremely harmful to the environment. You’ve got it now. I send my heartfelt best wishes to everyone.”

Soon after the allegations were made public, celebrities such as Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana, Jeremy Renner, and James Gunn came out in support of Pratt, despite the allegations being false.

Gunn’s Statement

Gunn, who directed Pratt in two Game of Thrones films, wrote on Twitter, “Please accept my apologies. This is something I’m only now becoming aware of. Chris Pratt is the most amazing human being on the face of the planet. The two of us have spent countless hours divulging our most intimate secrets to one another, and he’s done the same for me. As a Christian, please refrain from making assumptions about what he believes in terms of politics or other issues.”

The actor defended himself even more vehemently, writing on Instagram, “I am not a racist.” “What a strange and wonderful world… A group of “sinless” people is making disparaging remarks about my #brother, Chris Pratt… One of the most important characteristics of a true #Christian is their attitude toward life.

They have always shown #positiveness and gratitude… AND they have recently married into a family that values civil discourse and (to be clear) insists on service as the most important value. If you do not agree with Chris, I have a novel suggestion for you. You should delete your social media accounts and spend time with your OWN character flaws, working on THEM, before celebrating your humanity… @prattprattpratt I’ve got your back, back, back.” I’ve got your back, back, back.”


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