When it comes to luxury living, the name Sauce Walka comes to mind first. For those, who don’t know Sauce Walka and his net worth then this read is for you.

Who is Sauce Walka? A well-known songwriter and American rapper, where people go crazy on his track. Apart from his rapping, the other reason why he is a popular figure is the lifestyle he lives.

Success always comes to those who deserve it, having such a huge net worth can you guess- How old is Sauce Walka? Just 30, At thirty he is among the list of billionaires. Yes, a billionaire, many more things that you might not be knowing are here. 

But, before getting started have a look at the edges we are going to touch in below table- 

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Where is Sauce Walka From?
How Much Sauce Walka Worth In Total? 
Sauce Walka Bio-
Sauce Walka Career In Music Industry –
Final Words- 

Where Is Sauce Walka From?

How old is Sauce Walka
Where Is Sauce Walka From?

Sauce Walka’s origin is in the United States from Houston, Texas. However, like other celebrities, Albert’s early life has been wrestled with family issues. He was upheaved by his mother, who had an addiction. 

His father was known to be a professional wrestler. From childhood days, Sauce was passionate about rapping and song-writing, he had an affiliation with Blood gang rapper from Los Angeles. 

Along with that, he was a member of a street rapper’s gang called Mash Mode. Apart from that, he had a dark past i.e., in 2009, because of which he was served with community supervision and pleaded culpably. 

Even after all these consequences, he has bent over backward to accomplish, what he is today. After all such miseries, he strived up with his hard work and started his rapping career back in 2007 as a member of Mostheard. 

However, his professional career as a rapper started in 2014. He initiated with mixtape series then, in the same year he did a duo with rapper Sancho Saucy, and undoubtedly he is much familiar with the rap song “Sauce Twinz”. 

Well, do we are missing out on something? Yes of course we haven’t yet talked about his net worth. 

So, here is all about- 

How Much Sauce Walka Worth In Total? 

No doubt the young rapper within a very short interval of time achieved all he aspired. As of 2021, his net worth is estimated up to $36 million. 

But that’s an estimation. The luxury life and body loaded with diamonds confirms the amount isn’t limited to a $36 million figure. He is enjoying his life to its fullest, his luxury and splendor are palpable through social media, posters, and news.

 Sauce Walka Worth In Total
Sauce Walka Worth In Total

The source of income is even widespread, although, the maximum bucks comes from songwriting and rapping. Along with this his album sales and live performances have contributed massively to his wealth and fortune. 

A report from the crypto market says his net worth could easily exceed $36 million that’s because of the investment he made in cryptocurrency majorly in $XRP.

That’s all about his wealth. The next comes the complete A-Z of the famous American rapper means-

Sauce Walka Bio

The complete biography of Sauce Walka is here, starting with the most a very commonly asked question- 

What’s His Birth Name? 

Fans know him by the name “Sauce Walka”, but a true fan knows him by his birth name Albert Walker Mundane. Apart from these fans have also given him other catchy names like Sauce’s father, Drip God, and more. 

Now, we hope you are clear with Sauce Walka identity, nowhere is all we know about him-  

  • Parents name: unknown yet, father was a professional wrestler
  • Brother name: Dillion Clemons
  • Stage Name / Popular Name: Sauce Father, Drip God, Sauce, and many more. 
  • Appeared on year: 2014
  • Year Active: 2014-present
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Chinese Zodiac Sign: Horse
  • Sauce Walka Pet Name: Saucegoku
  • Life Path Number: 9
  • Dating: Internet sensation- Bambi Doe, there revealed their relation officially since 2019 and still going on. 
  • Genres: Hip Hop, Southern Hip Hop
  • Occupation: Rapper, Song Writer
  • Sauce Walka Weight: 168 pounds or 76 kgs
  • Sauce Walka Height: 175cm or 5’9” or 1.75m
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Recent popular song- “Texas Cyclone”(has millions of views on the internet). 
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Sauce Walka Age: He was born on 29th of June, 1990 and based on that we can easily reckon his age i.e., 30 years and soon, going to turn 31years in June.

Sauce Walka Career In Music Industry

Since back from his startup, Sauce Walka has given several hits throughout this track. There’s a question, what makes his songs different and unique from other rappers? 

Yes, that’s true, titles of each song by him contains his Sauce, whether a duo or accompanied with a band. With great intellect, he puts up the word “Sauce”, this may be for easy recognition of the singer, after listening to that song. 

And henceforth, he kept his stage name as “Sauce” appending with his actual middle name “Walker to Walka”.

His debut mixtape released in 2014 and titled “In Sauce We Trust”. Just a year later that, he launched a mixtape titled” Sorry 4 The Sauce”. 

In the same year only i.e.,  2015, he unveiled three more mixtapes titled “Sorry 4 The Sauce 2″, ” Sauce Theft Auto: Splash Andreas”, and “Don’t Let The Sauce Fool U”. 

This makes it quite clear that Sauce Walka is furious with songwriting and takes very little time to write and sing it. 

Amid 2016-2020, he launched many mixtapes and raps. Sauce Walka got the musical attention after the release “Wack 2 Wack”, which was a diss song and targeted Drake. 

Moreover, he collaborated with many well-known and high-profile artists like Maxo Kream, Bun B, Like Keke, Migos, XXXTentacion, and many more. 

Lastly, we have some commonly asked- 

Sauce Walka Career In Music Industry
Sauce Walka Career In Music Industry


How you can get in touch with Sauce Walka? 

For this, you can contact Sauce Walka Management through the email support: support@bookingagentinfo.com. 

How much Sauce Walka’s fresh net worth estimation? 

As per different sources, the latest report released in February says his total net worth is $36 million.

Does Sauce Walka have kids? 

Yes, he is blessed with a beautiful princess, but the identity of her mother is yet unknown. 

When Sauce Walka got a massive Kickstart? 

In the year 2015, Sauce Walka started receiving huge popularity and this was because he accused Drake of using Houston’s hip-hop culture. 

Who is the richest rapper at present? 

The American rapper Kanye West is currently the richest rapper with a total net worth of $3.2 billion. 

Final Words

Sauce Walka and his diamonds are now getting flames, and after this read, we hope you are clear with how much is Sauce Walka worth. True enough that more than his rapping the luxury lifestyle he lives forces people to google Sauce Walka Bio and worth.

The estimated net worth we listed is just a paper thing, he has bucks in cryptos. We hope our read helped you out with everything that you were looking at about the American rapper “Sauce Walka.”

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