To be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of the city, which is why I moved to a remote village in southern Tamil Nadu at the tail end of this year.

The rural life has become irresistible to me after living here for nearly two years and breathing fresh air, enjoying large open spaces, and teaching the local youth. I can work remotely from the hamlet thanks to the 4G network and the widespread availability of broadband connectivity.

In July of last year, we conducted an internal survey and found that 40% of our employees who had returned to their hometowns immediately before the nationwide lockdown to stem the spread of covid-19 continued to work from there.

Our first satellite offices (20-30 seaters) in rural and semi-urban locations have now been launched, and we’re continuing to experiment with them after the first lockdown restrictions were relaxed.

One or more experienced employees from our current offices migrate to the location to act as anchors and catalysts when we open a new office anywhere in the world.

Rural-based employees have only had good things to say about their new jobs. Rural offices will continue to be important in the future and will benefit the entire country, I believe more and more.

Here Are Some Reasons Why A Tech Company Might Want To Consider Locating In The Country.

Satellite Offices Are The Next Big Thing In The Technology Industry.
Here Are Some Reasons Why A Tech Company Might Want To Consider Locating In The Country.

Bring oneself closer to the natural environment by going on hikes or taking other outdoor activities

The covid-19 outbreak indicates that cities are the first to be hit hard by employment losses and economic devastation in the event of a worldwide crisis. When calamity strikes, rural areas can take the necessary safeguards since they have more time to prepare.

We have a reasonable expectation of food security due to our proximity to the food’s origin—the exact location where it is grown. In times of disaster, ensuring one’s own food supply is crucial.

I frequently encourage my employees to begin organic gardening or perhaps acquire some land for their own use. A group of colleagues in our Austin, Texas, office, which was formerly a farmhouse, wanted to do something similar in the United States, too. For our employees and their families, we now have a flourishing farm after a year of hard work!

Farewell, High Expenses.

Real estate is more affordable in the country. Businesses can now set up shop at a fraction of the expense of doing so in a big city. The savings will give companies more time to develop new products and technologies.


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