Sarah Snook discusses Season 3 of Succession and the show’s future

Some of the Roys, among others, have returned triumphantly! Succession season three has finally returned, despite the lengthy hiatus caused by the pandemic.

We spoke with Shiv herself, Sarah Snook, for a special interview to mark the long-awaited release of the fourth and final season of the satirical television series The Shiv.

“The production schedule for season three had to pick up the slack because season two came to an abrupt end. When Kendall drops that huge bombshell, everyone will be scrambling to reclaim their positions of power. They were created with the goal of obtaining and relentlessly pursuing power in mind from the very beginning of their breeding program I believe that in order to remain in or near power, we must all decide which side we will support.”

“Yeah. This, in my opinion, represents genuine progress. In some ways, it’s as if we’re seeing Shiv at a different point in her life. Previously, we’ve witnessed her involvement in politics and in one profession outside of the family. Her marital status has been made public for all to see. When she gets married, she will have to deal with the fact that her husband will also be employed by the family business as a manager. 

A woman who needs to grow up in a different way, who needs to identify herself in a different way, whether or not it is with her family, is present in this season. It is a requirement for her in order to complete the season’s challenge successfully.”

“I am certain of this. If being frustrated with one’s own flaws should have been a character trait, I’m not sure I agree with it. You know you’re about to put her in a difficult position when you’re a performer and you realise it.

 That’s when the fun really begins. A whole new world of opportunities is now open to you as well. It is also important to be in close proximity to your family, especially your extended family. Both in the writing and in the characters, this is reflected in the story.”

“A long-term relationship is not out of the question, even though we don’t know each other very well [laughs]. Despite the fact that many unhappy and unhealthy relationships have ended, they continue to exist. As a result, Shiv and Tom’s relationship, as well as our own as actors, will unavoidably become more complicated.”


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