All must be waiting for HBO Max’s “Sex and the City” very eagerly. Here is something we all want to share which will shock you.

What happened?

PETA has ordered Sarah Jessica to ditch animal fur in the upcoming series. For all who don’t know, Sarah is going to play pivotal role of Carrie Bradshaw in “SATC”. She is executive producer as well.

Why this happened?

This is to protect the animal rights in which Sarah is going to give up fur. In this regard, we all can say that Sarah is doing good job in her part in order to protect innocent lives.

What did PETA say?

Senior Vice President of PETA, Dan Mathews said that, “We are passing this proclamation for Sarah Jessica Parker to make the show fur-free. As this was not happened in 2004. This time it is going to happen. Animals are getting endangered day by day and it is our duty to give up products which are against animal rights.”

They also said that, “we got to know that you are going to be a part of ‘Vogue Italia’, which is based on animal rights and will stand against using animal-derived products. All the best for your future endeavours.”

Sarah in fur:

Seems like actress is very fond of fur-clothes. That’s why she used to carry her vintage fur coat all round to protect herself from chilling nights of New York City.

“SATC” 2008 fur correlation:

In 2008 analogy of “Sex and the City”, there was a scene in which all ladies were coming back from New York Fashion Week. And suddenly, they got stuck in a protest against fur.

In that protest, anti-fur activists were screaming “Fur is Murder!”

Meanwhile, someone threw red liquid on the white fur coat of Samantha Jones which just enraged her and she reverted by taking strong action.


In a particular episode, costume designer scratched out real fur from Apparis’ to make fur-coats for the actresses.

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