Sanjay Mishra’s next, “Guthlee” deals with the sensitive subject of casteism…

Even though our country has travelled a long distance in the terms of science, technology and development, we still lack the main etiquette responsible for becoming a good person in society, treating each and everyone equally. 

And this is why India is still under the list of developing countries!

Now also, in many parts of the country, we can see people discriminating people on the basis of casteism and race. And this sucks the quality of the economy.

No worries!

We are not here to discuss about economics, science and technology.

Future endeavour of Sanjay Mishra

Sanjay Mishra’s starrer film “Guthlee” is an attempt to make people realize what this social evil is doing to our society. 

Crew of the movie:

Guthlee is directed by Ishrat R. Khan and is produced by Pradeep Rangwani and UV films. 

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What is the synopsis of Guthlee?

It narrates the story of a kid whose family lacks money and basic essential facilities but is willing to study, but the family too leaves no stone unturned to ensure that the boy gets education well and fine. 

Words of Sanjay Mishra:

Sanjay Mishra’s view on this film were “Guthlee is a film with a large heart, it highlights the very important message of casteism and its repercussions faced by the underprivileged. I’m looking forward to the shoot as I really believe that these stories should be told and must reach to as many people as possible.”

What is said by Pradeep Rangwani?

Pradeep Rangwani, the presenter of the film said,” Guthlee is a mesmerizing film which tackles a sensitive subject through a heart-touching story. We begin filming in a couple of days’ times and it will be shot in a start to end schedule. We have an absolute stellar cast and crew with us and I’m very confident about our project. Films like Guthlee, that tell an important message while being within the parameters of entertaining cinema never fails to impress the audiences, so we are very hopeful.”

Now, we can just cross our fingers and hope that this movie doesn’t go underrated unlike the overhyped movies.

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