The Samurai Event from Halo Infinite Is Back, And It’s Actually Good This Time

To everyone’s delight, Halo Infinite ‘s contentious “Fracture: Tenrai” event has been revamped. Probably. Maybe? You never know with these things. Players will no longer have to slog through large team battles to unlock Fracture-themed challenges.

343 Industries launched The Fracture Halo Infinite ‘s multiplayer mode

Tenrai event in November, following the surprise release of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode. It came with a free 30-rank battle pass, and by completing weekly challenges themed around the event, you could advance one rank in the pass.

Furthermore, the XP gained from completing challenges was still applied to the non-free standard battle pass. A samurai-themed set of armor and other accessories was among the prizes.

Rollout Was Flawed Due To The scarcity of cosmetic rewards

Some players complained that the rollout was flawed due to the scarcity of the cosmetic rewards and the fact that some of the most appealing options, such as the “Katana Kit,” could only be purchased with real-world money.

 Furthermore, despite the fact that Fracture: Tenrai will run six times during Halo Infinite’s first season. And which concludes in May 2022, you can only rank up to seven levels.

Moreover, Tenrai operates in a fundamentally similar fashion to how it did in November. Some of your weekly tasks will be marked with an orange banner from now until January 11.

You must complete each of these challenges in order to progress through the event pass. Challenges in Fracture: Tenrai is linked to the fiesta playlist, putting to rest the notion that 343 would use the event to test potential new game types. The action sack will be grateful.)

However, there have been some notable changes. You will now receive ten challenges per week, rather than the previous seven.

Non-event goals are also available, ensuring that you always have a Tenrai-themed goal to work towards during your active rotations.

For example, using the revised framework, you could complete the Fracture: Tenrai pass in a matter of weeks by only completing it on three of the five occurrences.

Stagewise difficulties

Profitability has also increased significantly. Everything after level nine is merely a cosmetic option due to the drastic decrease in the frequency of single-use items such as XP boosts.

Thus, here are a few notables, in addition to numerous nameplates and weapon skins.

  1. The “gatekeeper’s” shoulder pads can be found on levels 10 and 11. They were previously only available at levels 10 and 15.

2. Level 12 unlocks the “dragon back” knee pads.

It’s difficult to believe, but on Levels 13 and 18, there is an armor color other than grey.

3. At level 15, the “kabuto” helmet, which is new to the battle pass, is unlocked. You may have noticed it in the event’s promotional images.

4. At level 21, the Yoroi kit gains a dark blue visor.

5. At level 29, you can equip the “stag helm crest” helmet attachment to improve your appearance.

So, this week’s grand prize is a sumptuous dark-reddish visor for the Yoroi armor, which is awarded for completing all of the weekly tasks and the final capstone task. That katana set, on the other hand, would have been a perfect fit.

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