Samsung Is Putting NFTs In Its Smart Tvs

In recent months Non-Fungible Tokens have gained a lot of popularity. Almost everyone from different walks of life is investing in this. Seeing how popular they have become; tech giant it has decided to include NFT platforms in their TVs. Here are the complete details.



Samsung is known for bringing in innovative innovations in their products. Normally if one has to do something with NFTs they have to take up their laptop or phone to visit a NFT site. Now it with its Micro Led and Neo QLED TVs will make available the NFT platforms on the big screen. The TVs will use a custom made aggregation platform to display NFTs from across the web. The TVs will use a new smart calibration technology that will help the TV to adjust its setting on its own to display the NFTs in the best way possible. The users of the TV will be able to buy the NFTs directly from the TV sets. A user will be able to preview the NFT art. The TV application will also be able to display all the relevant details about the NFT that the user is viewing.  These new TV models will be revealed at the CES 2022. These new TVs will also have excellent picture quality and a few extra features which have not been made public yet. This new NFT platform in the TV will also feature a help page where a user can learn about NFTs like what they are and how one can buy them.

Right now the launch date of these TVs are not been made public and it is difficult to say when the launch date will be announced. All we can say is whenever these TVs will come; they will sell like hot cake.

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