Samsung, who is one of the market leaders in the smartphone market, has come up with a new technology. The company has developed a new product named Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC) which is very thin and will be able to reduce the high frequency noise which comes from 5G smartphones processors.

The new capacitor will be a 0.65 mm ultra slim 3 socket MLCC which will be 18% thinner than the previous product of the company. The company has already started to sell it to other smartphone companies out there.

There are chances that the new released capacitor will come in the recently released Samsung galaxy S21 series.


With time, there has been an increase in the demand for slim devices from people. Everyone wants a slim mobile phone with huge battery backup and no heat with a ton of features, fast performance and multiple cameras.

The multi-layer ceramic capacitor is a component of electronic devices which controls the flow of current is the circuits of the smartphone.

It is not only the smartphones, but soon the cars running on electricity will also use MLCCs to reduce the noise.

As per the company, the new MLCC is the thinnest one ever made with a 1.2 mm length, 0.9 mm width, and 0.65 mm of thickness.


The new capacitor by the company is claimed to be 18% thinner than the previous one. The company said in a statement that they have introduced a new capacitor with reduced thickness of 18% than the previous one and the company has increased the freedom of the smartphone designs. The company has developed a thin lager moulding technology which has helped it to achieve such great results.

The head of the company’s electro mechanics department said that there has been an increase in the demand for thin and slim devices which has increased with time. Companies have really demanded a 0miniature and highly reliable MLCC which can perform brilliantly fast and after the 5G mobiles have come in the market, the demand has increased more. He also added that the company will secure a great position in the market by developing better products in future and will strengthen its distinctive technology.


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