The latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is listed among the best smartwatches so far. It’s new and latest features rank this smartwatch at the top in this price value. Undoubtedly, the specification so far make fans and buyers are more excited to see what the Korean giant Samsung will do next. 

As per reports, the company is almost working hard to give its best for the newly designed Galaxy Watch 4. And some leakster says, we don’t have to wait too long to check out these new smartwatches in shelves. 

It’s true that once we start seeing some leaks and rumours emerging then all we want is more and more. Don’t worry we have all those leaks here along with many key improvements in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 which your eyes must be looking for. 

We have also included a section with an estimate figure and leaks that how much this Galaxy Watch 4 will cost. 

But before that have a look at some most asked questions regarding this- 

  • What’s Samsung Galaxy 4? Its the next top-end smartwatch from Samsung with all latest features. 
  • When it will be launched? Probably in the month of August this year. 
  • How much this smartwatch will cost? Not sure, but can cost a bit high. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Expected release date and price- 

Previously, it was August 21, 2020, when the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 was announced. However, there wasn’t any Galaxy Watch 2 before this. 

Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 was announced on August 5 of 2019, where it was originally unveiled on 9th of August 2018.

Keeping all this in mind and checking out the launch graph we can estimate the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to be announced in August this year. Although, the company haven’t released any official date or even rumours won’t able to confirm this. 

Whenever this smartwatch will be announced, it might probably take additional 2week to get a final release.  Honestly speaking don’t expect to grab this amazing smartwatch before August end. 

More about it’s pricing nothing can be said now that how much this Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 might cost. But some estimation and rumours say it will slightly cost a bit more than previous Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 model. Which starts from AU$649/ $399 / £399 for the smaller model of 41mm and ranges to AU$699/ $429 / £419 for 45 mm. 

This is all we have about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 from all rumours and leaks. Are you among this eagerly waiting tie this smartwatch ok your wrist? Let us know, and also which feature inclined you towards this. 


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