Mobile phones have really made revolutionary change in the past few years. With notch screens to foldable phones and pop up cameras, we have seen a lot of new upgrades in smartphones. One of the top smartphone brands Samsung has given some hints regarding their upcoming rollable display mobile phones. They have confirmed that they are working on something different this time with the displays and our strong guess is rollable or slidable displays.

Company said some time ago that they were working on both rollable and slidable screens and we might get to see them soon. As those comments were received from Samsung display, the new screens won’t be limited to mobile phones only, it might also be released for televisions and other gadgets. Also, there are possibilities that the company will provide those displays to other companies too.

As the news and rumours are coming, we are expecting that Samsung will soon launch a phone with a rollable or slidable display. Though Samsung will not be the only one to come with a rollable display as another smartphone company LG has already released a teaser about their upcoming rollable phone though they also didn’t share any particular release date about the product. Even the smartphone company TCL is also working on making a rollable phone. They said in an event that they will be launching a device with flexible display soon in 2021. Let’s see which one of all three releases first. 

So, which one of the three are you most excited about?


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