A few months ago, Apple launched its iPhone 12 where the company started a new trend where they did not provide the charger in the box of the phone. It came really shocking for the people as the charger is really important and the company has to give the charger in the mobile phone box.

A lot of companies including Samsung took this incident as an opportunity where they started advertising their flagship phones with a phrase, ‘we provide charger in the box’. the company wanted people to move to samsung from apple just because they provide charger in the box.

But what we see now with Samsung’s new flagship phones is that the company is just walking on Apple’s footsteps by not providing the charger out of the box.

The company has officially confirmed that they will not be providing the charger inside the case with its all-new Galaxy S21. The company added that not only the Galaxy S21, but other Samsung phones also, won’t have the charger inside the box. Users will have to buy it additionally in case their battery runs out.

It looks like the company has been facing a huge loss in last quarter. Maybe that is the reason they are removing earphones and chargers from the phone for cost cutting.


Patrick Chomet, a Samsung employee said in a statement that the reason that they have removed charger and earphones from the box is to address sustainable consumption issues and it will also remove any pressure which the user might feel as they receive too much accessory along with the phone in the box, like seriously?

The only time a user will feel pressure is when he buys a phone worth Rs. 70k-80k and still he will pay a few thousands for a charger also. This really doesn’t make any sense.

So, as this is just the beginning, the users will get the charger and earphones with the box with one or two devices but there won’t be any of them in the later phones.

As per the company’s statement, it looks like the company has completely made its mind to not give any accessories with the phone. There will be a headset only with the box. Maybe you will see the phone coming wrapped in a plastic bubble wrap without any box.

Do you think the reason that company gave is justified?


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