Samsung Care Hosts Second Annual Skills Competition

The Korean giant Samsung from November 2-5 hosted its second-annual “skills competition”. This competition was held for its top thirty master-level branded engineers. 

This year the entire competition was pointed on two sectors of engineers and was hosted on a virtual platform. These categories of engineer includes the TV technicians and Home Appliance technicians.

Similarly, the “Hero” program was also implemented this year. Where the program ended up giving award worth $10,000 for the winner from Home Appliance and TV.

Samsung Electronics America’s Customer Care division the division which hosted the second annual Skills Competition virtually from November 2-5. 

In this Skills Competition, all the technicians selected have been asked to go above and beyond during the pandemic. More in the competition they were  and encouraged through a series of challenges to show there skills and proficiency. 

Presently, Samsung has nearly 700+ branded engineers. Since from April 2019, with this count, they have seen a 65% growth in the workforce. 

However, this year’s competition was said Samsung’s strongest and largest competitor pool to date. This because the competition performed among 30 branded engineers selected all across the globe. 

The Skills Competition eventually creates an ecosystem where we got to see the expert branded engineers. The main aim of the competition is to build a better customer experience and showcasing technician roles. With this, the competition provides an opportunity for all selected engineers to show up their skills and stand out-innovating something new. 

Through the competition, Samsung also aims to reward the engineers who not even secure the winning title but we’re steeped in this. 

This is all from the second annual Skills Competition hosted by Samsung. Stay Tuned! For more such events and text updates.


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