Mohana Krishna Indraganti’s 2018 Telugu romantic drama film Sammohanam (transl. Enchantment) was written and directed by Mohana Krishna Indraganti. Sudheer Babu and Aditi Rao Hydari star in the film, which is produced by Sivalenka Krishna Prasad.

Vivek Sagar composed the score, and P. G. Vinda directed the film.

On the 15th of June, 2018, The film is partially based on the British films Notting Hill (1999), starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, and My Week with Marilyn Monroe, all of which feature Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant (2011).

The film was well-received upon its initial release, and it proved to be a successful production.


Sammohanam Telugu Movie Download & Watch For Free
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Vijay aspires to be a children’s book illustrator, while his father Sarvesh is a film buff. Vijay despises movies and claims that anything about them is a hoax.

A film producer approaches Sarvesh and asks him to rent his home for a film shoot starring Sameera Rathore, a well-known actress.

Sarvesh accepts right away, much to Vijay’s chagrin, in the hopes of pursuing his childhood dream of being an actress.

Despite slight inconveniences, the entire family, with the exception of Vijay, starts to enjoy the shoot as it begins. Sameera, who is unable to communicate in Telugu, has difficulty expressing herself.

She asks Vijay to be her language tutor after seeing her family make fun of her. He accepts.

Sameera spends more time with Vijay and his family in order to avoid the film’s lead star Kishore Babu. Vijay recognises that Sameera is not the kind of movie star he expected and ultimately falls in love with her. The shooting in the house is completed later, and Sameera departs.

Vijay, who is madly in love with Sameera, visits her shooting location in Manali a few days later and confesses his love.

Sameera softly declines his suggestion, stating that she has never felt those emotions. Vijay, disgruntled, exits the premises. Meanwhile, the film that was filmed in their home is set to be released.

Sarvesh’s promised part is cut, and Vijay’s emotional exchanges with Sameera are used as dialogue without his permission.

Furthermore, Sameera says on a television programme that she composed the dialogue herself. Vijay, enraged, dials the show with a false name and demands that Sameera confess the truth, which she refuses to do.

Sameera, who seems to know that it was Vijay who summoned the performance, arrives at his home to make amends. Vijay, on the other hand, flatly refuses her.

Vijay learns a few days later that Sameera has fallen from her house and is seriously injured and in the hospital. Vijay visits the hospital, where he encounters Sameera’s boss.

She informs him that Sameera’s friend Amit Malhotra is to blame for her predicament. Amit and Sameera began their acting careers together, but unlike Sameera, Amit never got his big break.

Amit took advantage of Sameera’s popularity and became envious of her. While Sameera’s best efforts to drive him safe, he somehow found a way to bother her.

Sameera found happiness in the middle of the situation when Vijay was by her side and truly loved him. Amit wows to kill Sameera when he discovers she is in love with someone. Following this, Sameera does all she can to keep Vijay’s identity hidden from Amit.

Amit shows up at Sameera’s house one day with a Bollywood film deal for both of them, on the condition that Sameera spends the night with the film’s producer. He also threatens Sameera with ruining her reputation by leaking her old videos to the press.

Sameera slaps Amit in indignation when she hears this, and Amit slaps her back, unwittingly knocking her off the balcony.

When Sameera explains to Vijay the real meaning of love in Vijay’s words, Vijay discovers that the dialogue was stolen by the film’s creator.

Vijay decides to teach Amit a lesson after learning he had misled Sameera all along. Amit is terrified when Vijay, his parents, and his father attempt to kill him if he tries to torment Sameera. They get the pictures and videos back to him and tell him to go to Mumbai.

On the same evening, a fully healed Sameera attends Vijay’s children’s book launch as the special guest. Vijay apologises and proposes to Sameera once more, which she embraces happily.

Later, Sarvesh is cast in an upcoming film, and Vijay’s mother receives a call for her catering services from a major production house. Sameera and Vijay are then seen chatting intimately on the terrace and looking very much in love with each other.

Sammohanam Telugu Movie Download & Watch For Free
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  • Sudheer Babu as Vijay
  • Aditi Rao Hydari as Sameera Rathore
  • Naresh as Sarvesh “Sarva”, Vijay’s father
  • Tanikella Bharani as Shyam Prasad
  • Pavithra Lokesh as Vijay’s mother
  • Amit Purohit as Amit Malhotra
  • Rahul Ramakrishna as Murthy
  • Hari Teja as Ramya
  • Nandu as Kishore Babu
  • Abhay Bethiganti as Seenu
  • Vamsi Raghava Yenumula as Venkat
  • Harshini as Divya
  • John Kottoly as Surya – Director
  • Appaji Ambarisha Darbha as Acting Coach

Cameo appearances

  • Srinivas Avasarala as himself
  • Harish Shankar as himself
  • Tharun Bhascker as himself

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Sammohanam Telugu Movie Download & Watch For Free
Source: YouTube

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