Think of some of your favorite films and ask yourself what has happened to the performer ever? It is only part of the industry, sometimes – an actor shines in a legendary role, and never again is they heard of. Or they stay and just keep relatively silent in the entertainment company.

Many celebrities prefer to leave Hollywood to live normal lives, but things are often not that easy. Often, performers have decided to stop working together for personal reasons, and occasionally circumstances that are beyond their control push them out.

Famous life is not for everybody, and sunlight may even make you mad. For a time, the following actors were M.I.A., and the reasons they left Hollywood might be weirder than you believe.

•       Sean Connery

Sean Connery has done several important parts besides James Bond, but the jobs which he has rejected might be more remarkable. Connery rejected Gandalf’s part in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, which was clearly an error, and turned down the role in The Matrix as well. So there might be an argument that Connery took the wind and chose to try his hand at a large-budget action film ready to create a franchise when the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen came his way.

Unfortunately, he picked up incorrectly after passing two jewels and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was a major flop. Although various reasons for his retirement were laid forth, everyone was aware that Connery was fed up, perhaps a bit humiliated, and wanted to stop while he was still a bit ahead.

•       Jack Gleeson

It came to many as a surprise that Jack Gleeson just said he didn’t perform anymore. Gleeson discovered that the acting had not been for him, after playing a part like King Joffrey Baratheon in the blockbuster drama Game of Thrones.

He told the Irish Independent “the way you live is not something that I gravitate towards, which goes hand in hand with being an actor in a popular television show.” At the age of only 25 Gleeson looks like his head is okay, and even if he has no unpleasant experiences to report, he is striving for a simpler existence. He said, “It was always a pastime in advance,” and when it was more, he understood that he had to go. It may be done for good with Hollywood, but he certainly left his imprint enormously.

•       Christopher Reeve

The successful career of Christopher Reeve was once successful. A Juilliard graduate, Reeve had an emerging part in the 1978 “Superman” original film and appeared in “The Remains of the day” (1993) and in a large number of shows.

In 1995 in Culpepper, Virginia, Reeve attended an event for dressage and show jumping. In 1985 he learned to drive to “Anna Karenina,” where he worked as Count Vronsky, to become a sports enthusiast, building closeness with his American thoroughbred Eastern Express. In the final event, Eastern Express abruptly sent Reeve on his head and over the saddle, smashing both his first and second vertebrae and then snatching his third jump. That horrific wound immobilized the performer from his neck, and for the remainder of his life, he was utilizing a wheelchair and fan.

According to Reeve’s doctor, he would instantly have died had he dropped 1 cm to the left, only having a commotion if he had fallen 1 cm to the right. Reeve hasn’t been abandoned. Intense sadness and suicidal thoughts were pushed to lead a busy life, including research on spinal cell lesions and stem cell treatment, bringing researchers worldwide about 138 million dollars. He had several appearances, such as “Rear Window” television remake and “Smallville” on CW, but the acting ceased with the accident. In 2004, Reeve died of heart failure at age 52, following a period of bad health.

•       Shelley Duvall

Shelley Duvall’s anxious, sobbing, and weeping wife, Wendy, is known by most as the Shining Jack Torrance. Duvall tells how to cry 12 hours a day, five or six days a week, and for months. The part has been renowned as “how hard” it was on the actress.

Duvall maintained her career in a lot of films, in addition to her issues with Stanley Kubrick. Until recently, Duvall’s personal difficulties, via Dr. Phil, a TV psychotherapist, brought him to justice in the world. She said that she needed support throughout her presentation, and she also thought that Robin Williams was alive.

Kubrick’s daughter Vivian called for a show boycott and said that Dr. Phil used the actress in her mentally ill state for entertainment. Duvall has healed or not, it isn’t known, but she’s probably good out of the view of the public.

·         Stephen Collins

As Hollywood was unmasked and abused in the recent instance of Harvey Weinstein, it is obvious that somebody’s history may quickly damage his current job. This is another case for Stephen Collins, a respected 7th Heaven father and reverend – although his public denunciation took place in 2014.

In what should be a confidential therapy session, TMZ got a tape of Collins saying he had in the past raped minor females. At that time his wife Faye Grant videotaped the sessions without the knowledge of Collins or the therapist. This eventually led Collins to acknowledge his guilt and to claim that he had a problem but that in 20 years he didn’t have such impulses. However, the public regarded his confession as terrible, and after this incident Collins didn’t seem to want to return to Hollywood.

·         Rick Moranis

Unfortunately, it was all but optional for Rick Moranis to leave Hollywood at the height of his career. Moranis took a sabbatical when his wife died of cancer in 1991 and made films in 1997 to focus on being a full-time dad of his two children.

He told the Hollywood reporter, “I took a sabbatical, which was a longer hiatus,” 18 years to be exact, to be a single father as his major reason for quitting the spotlight in his prime. He’s been writing and working with his voice since then, but still has to go back to movies. He did not completely overlook the possibility of returning to action and said, “When a role happens, I’ll do so.

·         Daniel Day-Lewis

Since Daniel Day-Lewis’ sudden revelation that he stopped acting for good was the only person ever to win three Best Actor Oscars, some – but not everyone – were shocked. Interestingly enough, Day-Lewis did not “retire” from the limelight for the first time. Day-Lewis stated that he would never return to the stage at London’s National Theater in 1989 as Hamlet played on the stage. In the 1990s, he went to Ireland for longer, and was unbelievably intimate and hidden. This was also considered by most as regular conduct of the Day Lewis.

But this latest declaration about quitting the profession is supposedly not just ‘time off,’ it’s the end. He will be featured in Phantom Thread’s final film, released December 25, 2017.

·         Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo was practically all over Hollywood in her peak. As we saw, occasionally a movie may send a celebrity away from Hollywood for good – and Greta Garbo did. Garbo stopped acting after he had starred in the 1941 picture Two-Faced Woman.

The picture received such awful reviews that it was nicknamed its “grave” and refused any invitations to be shown once more on screen. Even the finest players have poor films, so why can’t Greta Garbo take over her? Hollywood was ready to welcome her again, but after such a failure Garbo could not find it in itself. Her renown may have been short-lived but by the age of 35, she looks to have been worth it with 28 films and 3 Academy Award nominations.


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