Rose Ayling-Ellis looks gorgeous and glam with Strictly co-stars

The celebrity dance competition Strictly Coming Dancing has got its winner now. As always people are literally craving for updates related to the winner. To satisfy that craving, we have bought you an amazing update regarding the winner. Read on to find out what is the update.

Rose Ayling-Ellis Update 

Now before we give you the update, do you know who won the competition? Well, the winners were Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice.

The update is related to Rose. In a picture that was posted by her last Sunday, Rose can be seen wearing a burnt orange turtleneck top with a pair of high-waisted black trousers and white trainer shoes. With the getup, she was wearing double gold hoop earrings. The complete look of her was very simple and yet appealing. 

Extra details 

Apart from her clothes, her hair was also looking great. She had her hair in a sleek top knot. Her eye makeup which consisted of contour, fluttery lashes and eyeshadow was complimenting her whole look. Rose took the picture with her two fellow Strictly Coming Dancing competitors Tilly Ramsay and Maisie Smith. The three had gone for an outing and took the photo while posing in front of a bathroom mirror. Where was this place and what they were doing there is anyone’s guess. The picture was posted by Rose on her Instagram handle. Later on in the day, Rose added the picture to her Instagram story. You can see the picture on hellomagazine.

The fans of Rose were very happy with the post. Everyone liked her look very much and praised her looks in the comments section. Well, that is just one picture. Since she was out with her beloved friends, we may get a few more pictures of her outing with them.

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