If anyone has seen recently released “Mowgli Mowgli”, then he must be knowing Riz Ahmed. He is married. Yes, you heard it right.


The question is to whom?

It is not disclosed yet. Riz Ahmed is not ready to disclose the identity of his better half. We don’t have clue why is he doing so. But are sure there will be solid reason before that.

When did he announced?

The great news was revealed during the “Grounded” podcast of Louis Theroux. He was othe one who revealed that Emmy Winner is not single anymore. He is mingled now.

Any clue about her wife?

Yes. During podcast, “Venom” actor gave a clue that his wife is from Bay Area. This news is enough for our media to get it out who is better half of extravagant actor.

Why is he doing so?       

In the Podcast, Ahmed revealed that, “I am very private kind of person. And it is not necessary that I should share each and every small detail about what is happening and going in my private life.”

“No! this is not going since very long. It happened recently only.”

He added, “But I am not that much private person when it comes to my social life. If it was true, I was not sitting in front of you and giving the interview. You all can even check on my movies and can know where are the boundaries.”

Is there anticipation?

Riz Ahmed was last seen with two ladies.

  • Akua Murray
  • Author Anya Raza, whom he dated in year 2018.
  • American Novelist Fatima Farheen Mirza (rumoured wife of Riz few days back)

Here is the short video of Riz Ahmed from “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” in which he clears up his doubts related to wedding-

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