“Riverdale” season 6: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer!

Netflix is back yet again having another season of “Riverdale”.

Former four seasons of “Riverdale” have received much appreciation from the audience and not it is the turn of upcoming seasons. Season 5 is yet to get released pretty soon in January itself but audience are this much excited about series that they directly want the update related to season 6.

Something about the series:

This was out of the box series about some talented gang of individuals who goes on excursion to figure out the balance between love, school, family, and friends. And on parallel side, they also get indulged in the dark mysteries of Riverdale community.

Riverdale is like a perfect series which have the potential to engage the mind of audience from very beginning to extreme end.

Season 5 of teenage crime drama series is on the way to get released pretty soon but it is quite unobvious that whether season 6 will be on air or not. We will get answer in coming months.

When will the series out?

Since season 5 is not yet released, it is very difficult to anticipate when will season 6 out. It has been guessed that it will be on air by next year. But it is just an idea.

Who are going to play their characters?

As discussed earlier, there is no official declaration regarding the release of season 6, its cast has also not been revealed. It will create enthusiasm in audience. Who are going to play main lead? This answer will be out pretty soon.

There will be new faces too. There is a lot of thrill and spook which the upcoming seasons of “Riverdale” is going to give us.

What season 6 is going to offer?

Last season of “Riverdale” was ended on a cliff-hanger in which teen was murdered in Riverdale. Then, a bunch of teenagers- Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead tries to unveil the mystery that serene town was holding in it. Season 5 and 6 will continue the story and will unveil the mystery.

Now, lets see what is kept in the box of season 6.

Can we get a glimpse?

There is no teaser or trailer available for season 6. As soon as some more information will be out, we will knock your digital door for sure.

But, trailer of season 5 is available-

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