Riverdale season 5 trailer teases return

One of the most watched and successful series Riverdale is all set to return for its Season 5 later this month. The series has a brand-new trailer which has teased some dark moments stored for Betty Cooper and the rest of the gang. The series has been delayed for over a year now which were caused by the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic and finally the wait is over for this long awaited fifth season. The highly anticipated show is returning on the CW and also on the streaming platform Netflix. The teaser seems to confirm Betty Cooper (played by Lili Reinhart) will once again undergo a dark transformation as she is seen to be going to extreme lengths to protect herself.

Previously we saw what started out as a petty high school drama turned nasty when Betty donned a black wig and lingerie and forced a confession from Chuck Clayton (Jordan Calloway), almost drowning him in the process. Later it was revealed that she may have inherited her father’s sociopathic tendencies thanks to his ‘serial killer gene’ in a particularly ludicrous moment during the third season.

Now, the latest teaser suggests that Betty’s tendency of violence could finally come to her help in self-defense. A climactic moment in the trailer reveals Betty looking shaken yet confident as she walks around her home, clutching a pistol. When the next season of Riverdale finally kicks off, it seems Betty will have to take matters into her own hands when someone tries to break in. She has proven many times before that she is well capable of firearms and every opportunity to kill her father, Hal Cooper (Lochlyn Munro) when she discovered he was the Black Hood. However, she only opted to injure him but Penelope Blossom (Nathalie Boltt) fired the shot.

Riverdale’s new trailer footage reveals Betty pivoting and ready to fire upon a potential intruder, which could have serious consequences if she’s forced to pull the trigger. The fifth season will initially show the final episodes of season 4 which couldn’t make it to the screens before, due to the covid-19 situation.

Later the series will witness an unprecedented seven-year jump into Archie Andrews’ (KJ Apa) and the gang’s unknown futures post-high school.

Apa told Songbird co-star Demi Moore for Interview magazine earlier this year about working on Riverdale, saying the pressure of the show feels like “jail” as he reflected on fame.

He said, “As an actor, I will be judged on everything: my political opinions, my opinions on drugs, my opinions on the people I want to be with. Everything. It’s something I’ve had to come to terms with.”

He continued: “I try to look at it from a fan’s perspective to understand the way they think. But there are times when I’m like, ‘Wow, they really have no idea that we are actual people. They can’t separate us from our characters.’ You don’t have that in other professions. You don’t dissect the life of a builder and start judging the decisions he makes in his life with his wife and kids.”

Riverdale returns on August 11 the CW in the US. In the UK, you can stream via Netflix.


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