Divyendu Sharma, who has enacted the popular role of ‘Munna Bhaiya’ in the Web series ‘Mirzapur’ has a discreet but decent and defiant point of view of himself as an actor. 

The actor has also played a very much-loved role called ‘Liquid’ in the movie ‘Pyaar ka Punchnama’. It is astonishing to know that this was his debut film, and he conquered the hearts of the fans. 

He was offered this role after an ‘IPL’ ad which he did. The director of the movie ‘Pyaar ka Punchnama’, Luv Ranjan was impressed by his performance in the ad and requested him to do the role and rest is the history.

Divyendu is Different!

Divyendu recently told IANS that he is satisfied with the roles he had played in nine years in Bollywood. But be it dancing or singing someone cannot stick to the same kind of dance form or singing style respectively, even this is the case in acting, Versatility counts. The same thing is expressed by Divyendu, he said exploration of all the roles is all he wishes for. 

Speaking of this, did you know why the actor did not appear in the sequel of his debut movie? Was he rejected? No this cannot be the reason. In actuality, he refused to play the role because according to him he was offered only comedy roles after that, but he believed in being exposed to a new genre of the roles. 

Fate is really something, and it seems Divyendu was destined to play the role of fan-favorite ‘Munna Bhaiya’ just cause he was selected for the role of ‘Bablu’, but when he was asked about his interpretation of the role of ‘Munna Bhaiya’, he immediately agreed to perform it as it was quirky and ‘Bablu’ was played by Vikrant Massey thereafter.

Don’t go on Divyendu’s words!

If Divyendu calls himself lazy it doesn’t mean he is slothful or work-shy, he might want to describe that he has not done many roles in his career, but the ones portrayed by him were given his all and there is not any doubt in the fact, because behind an actor there is requisite of the support of the fans and he has gotten a huge and strong fanbase. At the same time, he could have depicted many different roles, but he decided not to since acting is not a competition but a passion for him.


‘Divyendu’ means ‘bright moon’, and the way Divyendu Sharma shines, there is not a slight difference between the luminosity of the real moon and that of his. Of course, it has not happened miraculously. He is from a middle-class family and he glimmers because of his hard work. W

e wish to see Divyendu in more different characters. Do you yearn the same, let us know and keep reading more updates on our website.

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