According to the reports, more than a dozen of people have been arrested in Washington and Oregon when they politically charged Inauguration Day protests that involved assault and vandalism. 

It had been reported that about 100 demonstrators took to the streets in downtown Seattle. They were outside an ICE office and they lit an American flag on fire. Around the same time, someone smashed the windows of a nearby AmazonGo store and tagged the building with, “Amazon uses $ 2 fund tech for ICE.”

Windows had been broken down at the William Kenzo Nakamura Courthouse and a Starbucks store in Pike Place Market. The news outlet noted that anti-fascist, or antifa, chants could be heard as demonstrators marched to the Space Needle. Seattle police said three arrests were made Wednesday for property damage, burglary, and assault.

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In Portland, eight have been arrested as protestors reportedly stole an officer’s bicycle and threw different objects at the police. At one point, protestors broke windows at the Democratic Party of Oregon headquarters. They also denounced the government and Biden Administration while they called for police and education reports. 

It was reported that Breonna Taylor’s name was spray painted on the Democratic Party headquarters. While some reports linked the incidents in Portland to antifa, officials have not linked the protestors to any specific political movement.

Melissa Newhard, Public Information Officer for Portland police, shared a press release that said police had made no claims about the arrested eight suspects’ political affiliations. Newhard provided the following statement:

We avoid categorizing people involved in these events. It’s not our role to put people in ideological boxes. I’ve found that even those gathered for a single event have different motivations and allegiances. We focus on individual actions, specifically those that are criminal in nature. Our role is, wherever possible, to make arrests for crimes committed by individuals, and we have put that information out via press releases.

The names of the suspects have not been released by the authorities yet that were arrested on Wednesday. 


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