Review of the Amazfit GTS 3: Old Wine in a New Bottle

If you’re looking for a fitness-tracking smartwatch that costs less than Rs. 15,000, you have a few possibilities. While the bulk of smartwatches and fitness trackers at this price point will lack Google’s Wear OS environment, there may be devices that offer outstanding value in terms of hardware, features, and, most importantly, battery life.

With this in mind, Amazfit GTS 3 fitness tracker is an excellent pick. There’s a new display, new software, a new style, and a navigational digital crown, but it all appears to come at a price. Because of the little increase in battery capacity, this model is less expensive than the GTR 3 and GTR 3 Pro. 

Furthermore, the GTS 3 lacks Bluetooth calling and internal storage, both of which were featured with the GTS 2. (Review). Should you go with the GTS 3 despite these minor changes and omissions, or are other less expensive fitness trackers?

Amazfit GTS 3: Old Wine in a New Bottle
Amazfit GTS 3: Old Wine in a New Bottle

Price of Amazfit GTS 3 in India

In India, the GTS 3 costs Rs. 13,999. It is only available in one configuration and does not have user-accessible internal storage. There are three different finishes to choose from: Graphite Black, Ivory White, and Terra Rosa. For this investigation, I was given a Terra Rosa GTS 3 gadget. The box includes a silicon strap and a magnetic charging base.

The design and features of the Amazfit GTS 3

The Amazfit GTS 3 appears to be an improved version of the GTS 2. The GTS 2’s single pusher on the right side has been modified into a navigation crown. When quickly touched and released, it works as a home button and, when pressed again, displays a list of apps. 

Its main purpose is to allow haptic navigating over lists and pages. The desired function is activated by long-pressing the crown. I programmed it to launch the Amazon Alexa voice interface.

The GTS 3 has a 1.75-inch OLED display with a 390×450 pixel resolution. A narrow bezel fully encircles it. The front glass is tempered for increased safety, and it features an anti-fingerprint coating that performed admirably during our testing.

Amazfit GTS 3 application software

With the release of the GTS 3 and GTR 3 models, Amazfit has transitioned to a new software platform known as Zepp OS. This is a standalone operating system that works in tandem with the Zepp app on an Android or iOS smartphone.

 I tested the GTS 3 with a Google Pixel 4a and saw right away that I couldn’t receive app alerts. The remedy was to disable the Zepp companion app’s battery optimizations. 

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