Police have arrested and accused a Hamden man of murdering his wife. The Hamden man identified as the 57-year-old Derrick Miller was arrested and appeared at Meriden Superior Court.

Police authorities say that Derrick’s wife Darlene Brown was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds in the driver’s seat of her car on 16th December 2020.

pic credit : fox61.com

Derrick Miller was also found lying on the ground near the passenger door with a gunshot wound on his torso, says the police. However, the police said that Derrick was transported to the hospital.

On 29th December, Derrick was arrested by the police on criminal charges for possession and illegal alteration of a firearm. Initially, Derrick was jailed for a bond of $500,000 but, now police have confirmed that his bond value has increased to $2 Million.


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