Release Date, Cast, Trailer, And Plot Summary For The Girl Before: When will The Series Premiere

The Girl Before, an adaptation of JP Delaney’s novel of the same name, will air soon on BBC One and HBO. Jane is a four-part thriller about a woman who moves into a strange house and discovers a dark secret. The cast and release date of the series have been announced, according to

When Can We Expect To See The Girl Before In Theatres

The first episode of the new series will air on BBC One on Sunday, December 19, at 9 p.m.

If you become addicted to the show, you will be able to watch the rest of the season in a single sitting. After the first episode airs on the network, all four episodes will be available on BBC iPlayer.

You’ll find out what happens in the final episode on Wednesday, December 22nd.

Is There Anyone Else On The Cast Of The Girl Before

Gugu Mbatha-Raw plays her character, Jane, in The Girl Before, and she moves into a minimalistic home.

Mbatha-Raw, 38, is an actress best known for her roles in Loki, The Morning Show, and the stage production of Belle.

 The Girl Before
The Girl Before in theatres

Jessica Plummer, Ben Hardy, And David Oyelowo Are Among Her Co-stars

Emma, Simon, and Edward will be played by actors from EastEnders, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Les Misérables.

JP Delaney’s gripping adaptation of The Girl Before will be available soon on @BBC and @BBCiplayer, as well as @HBOMax. “I’m overjoyed to be able to share these first-look images.” Mbatha-Raw posted a message on her Instagram.

Trailer For The Girl Before

The trailer for the new series reveals that Jane will be shown touring the eccentric house.

According to the property manager, the owners are willing to accept a reasonable rent if residents meet his standards.

In minimalist homes, rules such as not having any ornaments, pictures, or rugs are strictly enforced.

“What is the price the tenant pays for living there?” Edward’s piqued interest is palpable. Jane wonders what happened to the young woman who used to live there.

It is recommended that the previous occupant vacate the property due to her sinister past.

What is the plot of The Girl Before

Jane tells her story about her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in an ultra-modern minimalist home.

Despite its mysterious designer, the house’s occupants must follow a strict set of rules.

Jane’s time in the house has influenced her in unexpected ways, and she learns the shocking truth about her predecessor (Jessica Plummer).

At this point, she bears a striking resemblance to the previous girl.

Her ability to flee before the timer expires is in doubt.

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