For life’ is a riveting American Penal and family drama created by Curtis 50 cent Jackson. It is based on truly happened events in the life of Isaac Wright Jr. who was unfairly imprisoned because of a drug top banana for the crime he didn’t commit.

Season one was so much appreciated by the fans, labeling it as a must-watch, dope show. The first season aired on 11th February 2020 and hence the second one was anticipated to be premiered in2021.

Finally, the wait is over!!

Patience is a virtue and has proved to be so for the fans who keenly await the release of the second season of this legal drama. For life season 2 will come out on 18th November 2020 leaving the fans with a sigh of relief.

Here’s some appetizer for the viewers of ‘For Life’-

Shooting for the Stars!!!

For the second season, the whole cast is about to come back. The protagonist, Aaron Wallace depicted by Nicholas Pinnock is yet to engage the spectators in his out of this world performance of perseverance. We will see Indira Varma, Joy Bryant, Boris McGiver, Tyla Harris, and many more reprising their roles.

There’s also a probability of the reappearance of Curtis Jackson and Felonious Munk in the upcoming season, which depicted Cassius Dawkins and Hassan Nawaz in the former season.

In the first season, Aaron was falsely accused of drug dealing charges. Some adjustments are going to be made in season 2 and the rest of the details are not declared, which implies fans have to help themselves by watching it when it arrives. 

All that Aaron Wallace does does “For Life”, for the life which he longs to lead with his loving family and he fights for sure to get back to his normal life. 


Since every story has a happy ending but didn’t seem in the former season of ‘For Life’. So here comes the latter one of this legal drama. Apart from this ‘For Life’ season one itself became so inspiring and reassuring that people are drawing a leaf out from its book and most importantly hope-giving to every incarcerate to go back to a normal life.  

Do you think Nicholas Pinnock can Single-handed hold the show or 50 cents has to step in?

For now, hasta la vista, live safely, merrily, and tuned with us. 


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