Rebelde Season 2 Release Date Confirmed On Netflix 2022? Latest Updates

Rebelde has been on the hot search for some time from its release of the first season. The main topic among the viewers is the anticipation for the next season with a more heart-gripping plot and adventures. We have some good news for the loyal fans of Rebelde- there has been confirmed the renewal of the second season of Rebelde and the official announcement about the same is out to the public. 

This series should be on your watch list for those who like musicals, school life, and thrilling competitive genres. With its renewal, most are anticipating a new plot with more musical battles, some relationships, and student turmoils. Continue reading for more updates and insights on this amazing and thrilling series!!


Fans of Rebelde know that the series is a remake of the original series from 2004, which they may see in its entirety here. This hit drama, set in a prestigious music school, follows a new group of talented students who have enrolled in EWS’ Music Excellence Program and are competing to outdo one another.

Release date updates

Here’s some good news for all the lovers of Rebelde!!

The show’s second series renewal was formally revealed via Twitter a few days after season one of Netflix’s Rebelde was released. The second series of Rebelde has been confirmed, according to a post from Netflix Brasil on January 9. We’ve also received confirmation that Anthem will be included in the following season. It appears that everyone is anticipating it!!

Even though there is confirmation on season 2 renewal but the release date is yet to be decided and revealed. Some reports suggest that the production of season 2 did not start immediately as the creator of Rebelde wanted to look at the reaction of viewers from season 1.

And as it was left in an open-ended fashion, the curiosity level has increased many times more than normal, which leveled up the anticipation for the next season.

Cast members

The cast and the crew members of the drama team are extremely important in making the show/drama/movie and even a series a success. The actors and actresses also give their best to make the show a popular one. Now, let’s look at the cast that may appear in the second season of Rebelde. 

  • Azul Guaita (Jana)
  • Franco Masini (Luka)
  • Sergio Mayer Mori (Estéban)
  • Jerónimo Cantillo (Dixon)
  • Lizeth Selene (Andi)
  • Andrea Chaparro (MJ)
  • Giovanna Grigio (Emilia)
  • Alejandro Puente (Sebas)
  • Estefana Villarreal (Celina).

Also Know About George Janko

According to the recently gathered information, some new supporting characters may be added in the upcoming season.

Trailer updates

The announcement of renewal confirmation is a recent one thus, the trailer has not been developed yet. So, our dear friends, you will have to wait for a few months before you can see the trailer for season 2.

What can you expect?

For the time being, the Rebelde cast and crew will not release any specifics about the show. Given Luka’s father’s hidden lovechild, it’s safe to assume that the majority of the tale will revolve around determining who that kid is and how they integrate into the EWS universe. The unveiling of La Logia’s secret, as well as Sin Nombre’s triumph in the Battle of the Bands, guarantees a barrage of unexpected drama and jaw-dropping performances.

So in totality, you all can wait for an amazing surprise that the plot will bring you. But, do you think there will be an entry of a new main character in between in the upcoming series? Why don’t you all join all the clues and come up with some brilliant plot? 

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