Hello guys! Are you Rebel Wilson’s big fan? If yes, you would be really happy to know that Rebel is living and enjoying her best phase of life, which she even shared in a new post on Instagram. Moreover, it is not just a photograph, but a brand-new motivation caption that says a lot about her happiness.

You must be curious to know by now. So, why delay? Here we go with all the interesting updates!

Rebel Wilson Instagram Post Details 

Rebel Happiness and the perfect figure are sparkling in the eyes of many fans after seeing her post on Instagram. In this picture, she is flaunting in a bright red one-piece swimsuit on a beach.

And her holiday mood can be judged pretty well by a motivational line as the caption, that says, ‘It’s never too late to improve yourself – to improve your health, your heart, your happiness, your harmony.’

Seems, she has been trying to inspire her fans in this pandemic situation and pushing people to value each moment of life. Moreover, she even mentioned that when you put an effort into something, it is always worth it and gives you a joyful experience in life.  

Well, who wouldn’t love such an admirable and loving person?

With that, let’s find out the reasons for such inspiration and know more about 41-year-old Rebel Wilson’s health journey. 

Rebel Wilson Health Journey

In 2020, Wilson had decided to proceed with her fitness journey. She promised her fans that she would be doing a lot of exercise and Mayr method to lose 165 pounds. 

And guess what, she finally achieved her goal. According to the sources, she has already lost 60 pounds and is still counting. 

It is a big achievement for a rebel. 

Her level of commitment for herself is indeed a real example of a focussed approach.

Having said that, tell us, are you inspired by Rebel? What are your plans to lead a healthy lifestyle?

Share your views and keep reading more news. 


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