For decades, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a trailblazer on the big screen. Its contribution to generating an incredible world-building and cinematic experience is tremendous, and it is a community favorite.

To many, the MCU characters proved to be much more than simply superheroes attempting to defeat evil, to the point that fans even enjoyed the funny Marvel quotes. While not all of them are excellent, most are relatively decent.

But how can Marvel keep its reputation gleaming? The franchise, it turns out, has the following characteristics:


It’s one thing to translate a dynamic flow of around 32,000 comics into 22 different films. Still, it’s quite another to build on a continuous and tangled underlying storyline that binds them all together.

Yeah, things may go quickly from A to Epsilon until you’re rewinding for the third time because you still have no clue what the past five minutes of exposition were about.

However, Marvel Studios delivers enough cushiony history and delightfully useless action parts to make even the most stupid viewers comfortable for the bulk of the journey.

Every new piece of knowledge fits nicely into the MCU jigsaw, leaving us to speculate on what we’ll see on the big screen next.

The Avengers (2012) owes its popularity to this precise reason since we were all waiting to see how Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man would get along.

The fun theme of mismatched heroes continued after The Avengers and through standalone films until the gratifying round-up of our favorite characters kept the series going until the Avengers’ last installment.

What we all expected was the famous circular sweeping picture of our favorite Avengers squad, and wow, did Marvel deliver.

They redefine the genre.

We didn’t expect anything less when Iron Man was launched to the globe over 10 years ago; thus, it came as no surprise that these clich├ęs were being given.

Take a look at how Marvel has changed since then. We’ve gone from being frustrated by ‘the heroes always winning’ to ‘the heroes now losing,’ and we love it.

Marvel Studios has also shown that superhero films don’t have to be dark and dirty to be considered seriously. It’s great to see the good side of superheroes fly in the popular MCU, which really portrays the specialized medium of its original material.

We’re even seeing other big superhero films try to incorporate the proven popularity of comedy into their script. Still, there’s one fundamental problem: they’re not Marvel.

Great storytelling

Marvel is a master storyteller. It has built a world of characters that resemble our own in more ways than one. The company uses the Marvel Universe to address issues many of us confront in our daily lives.

We begin with Tony Stark, a brilliant and narcissistic playboy. He has no care for the devastation his weapons cause too many people.

Although the first Iron Man film exposes Stark to his organization’s harm, every choice he makes in subsequent films is based on his human attributes. Marvel doesn’t spend time showcasing an unstoppable hero.

He always triumphs instead of focusing on the deep emotional struggles of a man plagued by guilt about the effect his abilities make on the actual world.

The way he grows as a credible and multifaceted character demonstrates the effort and care that he was written and depicted.

Final thoughts

These may be the key factors behind Marvel’s groundbreaking and frequently imitated filmmaking strategy’s success.

They understand the importance of attracting viewers and delivering on its promises to them consistently.

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