Realme’s Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra opponent is undertaking in the month of February

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the nicest smartphone we may have assessed, its days in this stance might be numbered. The Chinese manufacturer’s Realme Race sequel, encompassing a Pro prototype, is arriving soon, and its release date has been substantiated for February in the current year.

A report from site Weibo wherein the corporation’s president Xu Qi Chase corroborated that the smartphone will arrive following the Spring Festival. In 2021, the Spring Festival, a different term for the New Year of Chinese people, comes on 12th February every year so we could watch the smartphone commence shortly then.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Realme has already substantiated few Realme Race Pro specifications to TechRadar so we have learned slightly regarding the smartphone, and it encompasses the truth that it can compete for the prime of all Samsung Galaxy S21. 


We have not yet assessed the Chinese smartphone Realme Race Pro,  so can’t tell certainly, if it can play against the Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra in all means, however, the specifications of the smartphone indicates the same too – it possesses a 6.8-inch 160Hz display, 125W charge, a high- end latest Snapdragon 888 chipset, and many others.

It may look strange to plop the prime appliance of the phone dominant Samsung to take on an unseen smartphone of a slightly recognized Chinese Smartphone manufacturer, realme, however, it suggests to shift now in coming times.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Realme is getting very vast gradually in the phone industry. As per a survey, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Realme had a 0% share of the phone industry ahead of 2019 – presently it’s as high as 4%. In the exact duration, the South Korean smartphone giant, Samsung drifted about the 21% cross whereas periodically plunging.

Apart from the Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi, Realme is the just smartphone corporation that has thrived constantly in this interval, indicating that it is gradually attaining vogue in a means that different smartphone manufacturers are not. Whereas it doesn’t possess Samsung’s huge consumer, it has propulsion, and that’s crucial.

So in fortune, we could correlate the Chinese brand Realme and the South Korean brand, Samsung smartphones further nearly and deal with the brand’s fresh smartphones.


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