Real Housewives of Orange County star Elizabeth Lyn Vargas blasted by her former husband’s girlfriend Michell Fox

On January 21, Real Housewives of Orange County’s Elizabeth Lyn Vargas’ ex-husband, Bernt Bodal’s girlfriend Michelle Fox blasted Vargas in the comment section of an Instagram post. Keep scrolling to know more about this juicy news. 

Bernt Bodal is currently dating Michelle Fox after separating from her ex-wife Vargas. The 67 years old’s girlfriend claimed that they had to send letters when Vargas spoke about their divorce on television. Michelle also told his ex-wife to leave them alone and get a life.

She also wrote in a comment that the couple is minding their own business, but except when his wife is obsessed and attacking Bernt. She feels that it is beyond creepy. Fox told a source that she commented on social media because she was frustrated.

She further added that they have been through a lot together, and it is in none of Vargas’s business. The reality TV star needs to stop talking about her ex-husband and move on. She continued that they were forced to take legal actions, and which is why she got frustrated with comments. She believes that it is not fair for both of them and feels disgusted by Vargas’s behavior.

On Thursday, a source shared a story recap of RHOC where the 45 years old Vargas looked completely shocked after learning her ex-husband is engaged, and that set off Fox further. Later, one of the fans asked her why Fox got involved on Instagram, to which she responded that she saw an article with Bodal’s photo and she felt compelled to raise her voice.

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The California-based businesswoman said that she does not follow the show, but she cares and protects her loved ones in such situations. She revealed that she and Bernt are happy together. Fox continued to vent to other followers on Instagram and assured them that they have a great and secure relationship. She said that she stood up for him because he is the love of her life and the couple wants Vargas to go away. 

In RHOC, Vargas revealed that she texted her ex when their divorce case was ongoing in mid-2020. Fox commented that they saw her texts, calls, and comments, but they simply deleted them. She further said that Bernt is a wonderful man, and she is proud to be with him.

Final Words

On Friday morning, Fox told an Instagram follower that they read defamatory news, comments, and videos about Bernt, which are fake. Vargas also addressed the confusion that she confirmed and said that Fox and Bernt are not engaged. Regarding her comments, Fox responded that the couple’s future plans are none of her business. The people around them know their relationship, and that is what matters to them.

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