Famous Southern Korean rapper Sleepy is poised to tie the knot to an intimate marriage ceremony with his non-celebrity fiancé. In October of this year, he published a photo of his pet dog on his Instagram handle to announce his wedding plans.

He wrote a lengthy note in Korean, “Hello, this is Sleepy. It feels like I have been greeting everyone for a while. I write this message just because I wanted to communicate news to those who have always cared for me and supported me. While I used to think marriage was a business for other people, I met people valuable to me and together, we promised the future.”

“I’m grateful to her, and she’s stuck with me reliably over a time that would have been considered as the hardest time in my life. Our wedding is planned for October, and since my spouse is a non-celebrity, at this cautious period, we will silently host a ceremony to confront a new beginning of life,” he added.

He also acknowledged all the warm wishes and support of his followers. He disclosed in his post, ‘Thanks to everyone who’s always happier than I am, and congratulations, I will never forget that my current self is here. Again, I genuinely express my thanks. I will continue (support) by showing myself a bright side in the future. Thank you!” 

Kim Sung-won, or well-known as Sleepy, is unrepresented as a member of the untouchable hip-hop combo. However, in different events, such as MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’ and ‘Real Man,’ the celebrity gained fame in the field.

His first single, ‘Cool Night’ was his solo debut later in 2015.


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