Ranking of Kings Season 2: When Will It Release? Latest Updates 2022

When an anime gets almost instant release of its 2nd season after the completion of its season 1, then it usually is nothing short of a miracle. This particular kind of miracle is happening for the anime Ranking of Kings.

Yes, you guessed it right, the release date for the anime’s Ranking of Kings season 2 is here. Read on to know the date and all that is important for season 2.

Ranking of Kings Season 2

Season 2 of the anime has been directed by Yosuke Hatta and Makoto Fuchigami. The screenplay for season 2 has been written by Taku Kishimoto. Three people were in charge of the production duties of season 2. They are Megumi Inoue, Kazuki Oshima, and Maiko Okada. The animation for the season has been done by the Wit Studio.

Season 2 is going to release on 1st April 2022 on the Funimation and Crunchyroll TV channels. Those with a premium subscription to both the channels will also be able to watch season 2 on their online portals as well. A total of 23 more episodes should be coming out as part of season 2.

Please note that the release date we have given is for the Japanese language version of season 2. The English-dub version of season 2 will be released at a later point in time. Now that we are done with the release date, the cast information for season 2 should follow. 

Cast of Ranking of Kings Season 2

Once again in season 2, Minami Hinata will be voicing Bojji. Along with her Ayumu Murase will voice Kage, Yuki Kaji will voice Daida, Rina Sato will voice Hiling and Takuya Eguchi will voice Domas. Along with them will be returning the 10 other voice artists and their respective characters. Next, let’s see the plot details of season 2. 

Plot of Ranking of Kings Season 2

The creators of ‘Ranking of Kings Season 2’ have not made available any plot details till now. The only thing that has been said about the plot is that Bojji and Kage will continue to be best friends and will go on a lot of new adventures. That is literally all that is there about the season 2 plot for now. Let’s then see how crazy people are for the show.

The craze of the show

With an IMDb rating of 9 out of 10, with votes from around 5K people, anyone can tell that the show is a massive hit. The fact that the fans of the show are in love with it can be best explained in the following manner. Not a long time ago, a rumor was spread that the show’s season 2 had been canceled. The fans of the show were heartbroken with many writing on Twitter that such a sweet and great show could not just stop like that. 

Well, these fans won’t have to wait for long now if they reside in Japan. Others, just hold on. 

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