Rami Malek’s No Time to Die villain Safin is linked to SPECTRE

New information of Rami Malek’s James Bond villain Safin from the upcoming No Time To Die film reveals that he is a former assassin from SPECTRE. He is somewhat connected to James Bond’s past. In the latest movie, Malek will play the role of a mysterious big bad guy with a scarred face. The upcoming flick will be the last outing of Daniel Craig as 007. Directed by Cary Fukunaga, it is Craig’s fifth appearance as James Bond.

Despite several delays due to the coronavirus pandemic, the anticipation for the latest installment is grown among fans. And they can’t wait to watch the film! Recently, a source conducted a video interview with Malek and collected some information about No Time To Die. The new piece of information revealed details about his character, Safin.

In the interview, it was disclosed that the character is the former terrorist from SPECTRE. And it is the very first time where he is connected to Bond and the organization. Here is everything the actor talked about Safin in the latest film.

Safin is a powerful figure, as well as an assassin in the world of terrorism. If you watch the trailer carefully, then you might see it hinting at Safin. He is connected to Bond’s past, and he is aiming to triumph over him. Moreover, Christoph Waltz, who played Blofeld in SPECTRE, will be reappearing in the upcoming film too. Waltz’s character knows about Malek’s Safin from the past. Fans can expect a twist in the plot when Blofeld pulls off a string from the prison. 

The latest film will also tie all five movies of Bond. Moreover, the revelation also promises that this final film will reveal some shocking details about this iteration of Safin. There is also a theory that he is an updated version of Dr. No. who was a part of SPECTRE. The latter hid Blofeld’s true identity till the end, where he had a climactic showdown with Bond.

Coming back to Safin, he might play a major role in NO Time To Die because he seems like a prime candidate for a supervillain. Additionally, he will also raise stakes for the lead antagonist in the era ending flick. All the important details about the character will be revealed when No Time To Die debuts in April 2021. You can check out its trailer below.

Final Words

So this is what we know about the new villain in the No Time To Die film. If you desire to watch the previous Bond Films as a revision, then you can check it out on BLu-Ray or DVD. Want to read more about the flick? Then check back with us regularly.


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