Disputable famous couples: It does not need a public person to make it to the news, such as work, relationships, marriage, disintegration, divorce or simply existence.

Go through Twitter trends and it will not be hard for you to list the names of celebrities. There you may discover them either because they were supported by their lovers or because lately, they were in the news for all the wrong reasons. We met several prominent couples from Bollywood who were caught up in arguments in 2021.

1.     Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra

The Indian-British businessman Raj Kundra, allegedly involved in the development and publishing of pornographic movies on specific applications, was detained on Monday 19 July. He was held in police custody till 23 July by the Mumbai Court. Speculations have been made about the involvement of his wife and actor Shilpa Shetty. The authorities were nevertheless not able to trace the actor’s participation in this respect. Milind Bharambe, Mumbai Joint Police Commissioner, stated in a statement,

“We have not been able to find any active role (of Shilpa Shetty) yet. We are investigating. We’ll appeal to the victims to come forward and contact the Crime Branch Mumbai. We’ll take appropriate action.”

2.     Avinash Dwivedi And Sambhavna Seth

Sambhavna Seth, actor and former Bigg Boss competitor, and her husband Avinash Dwivedi created a video blog in early 2011 which makes the Adivasi domestic worker’s mother tongue. It was termed an ‘ajeeb’ and they mocked the speech. However, the video was taken down and the pair apologized for their conduct after having been exposed to an important online blow. They stated in an Instagram post that the objectives of racism were not malevolent and that they didn’t realize the intensity.

3.     Yahan and Jain, Nusrat

Actor-MP As per the Turkish Marriage Regulation in 2019 Nusrat Jahan and the company guy Nikhil Jain got married in Turkey. However, Jahan claimed in June this year that their marriage was “disabled” under India’s Special Marriage Act. Therefore, there is no question of divorce. Everyone felt astonished by this comment from Jahan. When a baby bump was seen, networkers began to ask who was carrying their children. Some of them considered her rumored lover Yash Dasgupta’s child because Jain stated that he lived for almost six months apart.

4.     Raj and Priyamani and Mustafa

The Man of the Family The news has just been published by Priyamani and her spouse Mustafa Raj, who are married since 2017. Later, Ayesha’s first wife claimed to betray her and to marry the actor ‘illegally.’ The two of them allegedly did not formally split and are still married. She also brought a lawsuit against the couple. Raj, nevertheless, dismissed all accusations and claimed to defame him for the extortion of money.

5.     Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao

The first week of July was the 15-year marriage between actor Aamir Khan and his wife Kiran Rao. It was termed “the beginning of a new journey.” Their divorce, though, caused debate among Networkers. Some called him “Love Jihad,” while others believed Khan had an out-of-wedlock affair. A number of social media users reported that Khan had an illegal love connection with his co-star Fatima Sana Sheikh.


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