Rachel Uchitel, TV correspondent and former mistress of Tiger Woods, will be breaking her silence after ten years of her infamous affair with Woods in an upcoming HBO documentary called Tiger. Uchitel is now all set to start a new phase of her life. Keep reading to find out what she wants to say to the world.

Uchitel came to headlines after a picture in newspapers was uploaded of her holding a photo of her fiancé after the September 11 attacks. In 2009, she appeared in headlines once again when the media found out she was secretly dating Tiger Woods. At that time, the pro golf player was married to Elin Nordegren.

Rachel Uchitel talks about her ten years back scandal!

Rachel revealed she has taken the opportunity to clear all the misunderstandings that the media and people had about her. The 45 years old said that people believe that she is some kind of brand. And it is very fascinating for her to see that people think she is horrible and a threatening person. And for the past ten years, she has been living this hard life.

She continued that she was living with such hatred from people for ten years. Rachel thinks that it is not fair for a woman to go through all this. She feels uncomfortable to go through in front of not only the public eye but also the private eye.

Some people understand what happened and still shames the person for it. The 45 years old shared that she wants to move into the second chapter of her life. She now wants to have a new beginning and her own comeback. She also wants to tell the people to show some empathy because she is just a human being too.

Furthermore, she said that her friends call her fun, really generous, and really resourceful. She also told the sources that she is working on a book about her experiences in her life and gives speeches of her relationships where she suffered a lot in Transcend rehab centers. 

Final Words

Rachel knows that people love to hate her, but all she wants is to show a little more effort to love her for what she is in real life. She wants the people to stop hating her and give her just five minutes to know about her. If you would like to know the rest of the story, then you can watch the upcoming HBO documentary titled Tiger on January 17, 2021. Stay tuned for more news.


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