All of us know how hurricane Ida destroy many houses and the lives of many people. In August, when the cyclone came it brings heavy rain and flooding to the country, including New York City.

Well, Rachael Ray is one of the survivors of this cyclone as she shared in the media. She also shared that even her apartment is also flooded by the cyclone.

Let’s know about how she survived this deadly cyclone.

How Rachael Ray Survived in The Hurricane Ida 

Racheal was born and even raised in New York. She always loves New York and wants to live her whole life.

Rachael and her husband John Cusimano recently moved into their fresh and new apartment in New York. After some time, the apartment was flooded by Hurricane Ida.

However, Ray and her husband had to wait a week for a remediation team to review their house but this resulted in even more flooding.

Ray shared in the media “when remediation team came to their house and they put up their fans and their humidifiers. And then, they make a hole in the wall and break the main water pipe and flood the entire building down to the first floor, from our apartment on the sixth floor. The people that we were waiting for, the cavalry, burst this pipe and made everything worse. Tell me you would not feel like a kicked can.”

Well, this is not the first time Rachael has experienced house damage. In 2020 also, her house which was Lake Luzerne was burned down.

So, after that, they move to their guest house and their main house went over repairs. 

Ray also admitted that it was quite difficult for her and her husband to have positive thoughts but she continued to have a positive mindset and wish for blessings. 

Final Words

Life is indeed a journey that is filled with happy, sad, and difficult moments. And people, who face it with smiles and bravery becomes real examples for others. And that one real example is Racheal Ray, who never gave up, but always ensured a quality life for herself.

With that, we wish Racheal Ray good health and a happy life ahead and hope to see her inspiring us always.

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