The latest PUBG State Update 0.9.23 is now available. Season 1 Battle Pass Announces New Game Modes and Weapons

A new PUBG: New State update, 0.9.23, is set to be released next week.

In PUBG: New State, Troi now has a new game mode and new 5.7mm ammunition for the P90 SMG.

Season 1 of the New State Battle Pass will begin with the release of the update

PUBG: New State has received updates that include a new game mode and weapons, as well as the ability to customize your weapons and other in-game features. The Troi map will serve as the backdrop for Krafton’s newest game mode, which will support up to 64 players. PUBG: New State players will also be able to use the P90 SMG with 5.7mm ammunition, as well as new gun customization options and weapon balance improvements. Season 1 of the Battle Pass for the recently launched battle royale game will begin in conjunction with this update.

Krafton announced the new PUBG updates

New State update 0.9.23 in a blog post. The new version will be available next week, and the developer has provided a list of all the improvements and new features.

PUBG: New State will get a new game mode called BR: Extreme. It is limited to 64 players, each of whom starts with a P1911 handgun, a smoke grenade, 300 Drone Credits, and fully charged boost meters.” To ensure fairness, each match is limited to a specific area of the Troi map that is chosen at random. It will be a 20-minute battle royale-style match.

Players will begin the game with two Care Packages, as well as additional vehicles and loot. BR: Extreme will be able to deploy players more quickly thanks to a lower altitude, faster drone deployment, and reduced time to redeploy teammates.

What all is there in the new update?

In PUBG: New State, a new P90 submachine gun is available (SMG). New 5.7mm ammunition for use in this weapon will also be available in the game’s Drone Store. The new weapon’s tier-2 transformative scope will include suppressors. Attachments, however, cannot be added to it.

New weapon upgrades for the DP-28 rifle include suppressors or flash hiders, while the M762 assault rifle gains a lighter stock in PUBG: New State. Krafton has also improved the bullet spread of shotguns and pistols fired in mid-air. Furthermore, the L85A3’s loading time has been reduced.

The M416 assault rifle can be modified to have a narrower bullet spread. Modifications to the M762 and M16A4 rifles will have no effect on bullet speed or recoil control. Although the vertical recoil of the DSR-1 sniper rifle can be increased through personalization, this has no effect on the rifle’s maximum effective range.

Krafton has also improved the player actions and animations in PUBG: New State. Players will be able to perform a new Parkour Roll and Sudden Dash move. There are also some additional Mode Balance enhancements available.

The first season of the Battle Pass will begin with the next patch. As a result, earning the titles “Contender,” “Master,” and “Conqueror” now has more advantages. The criteria used to calculate match scores and tier evaluations will also be updated.

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